Spritual Definition of Smoking

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  1. It came to me as I was high, an astonishing revelation about the spirituality and divinity of smoking. Taking an herb or substance material such as that from the universes that formed it through the process of evolution and cell growth and taking the universe's holy method of braking down these created compounds and inhaling the works of the universe into your being.
  2. I always thought of it as breathing fire.
  3. smoking the earth's essence
  4. Or at least a part of earth's essence. :smoke:
  5. most def, the fire sacrifice
  6. interesting. everytime i go and smoke in the woods behind my house i view it as returning weed back to nature. probably just a stupid stoned thought lol
  7. No way man, it seems that we've become inert and insensitive to our integration into the order of systems. WE ARE returning back to nature, embracing totality
  8. and yet we're destroying more of what's little left of our nature every second...?
    I know I phrased that wrong, hah.
  9. yea, the time to cultivate that which we have neglected/exploited for so long, has come.

    plant trees ftw (it'll eat up them co2's)
  10. i disagree, i don't think it will, possibly ever, and definitely not for a loooong time. we're too greedy as a population.
  11. Pffft, hippies.
  12. well its either trees or co2

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