Discussion in 'General' started by Big Poppa Puff, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. Any of you college kids headed to the beach for spring break?

    I'm tired of seeing fat old men pretending to be Hells Angels on their way to Bike Week at the gas stations.

    I just saw a couple of carloads from Michigan last week and thought I would see more of you heading this way by now.

    Just remember, if you stop for gas on the way down and an old dude comes up to you and starts talking about spring break, be nice. It may be me. I gave away some Js last year to some boys from my old college.
  2. Trollin' for co-ed's BPP LOL!!![​IMG]

  3. LMAO......nice comeback


  4. LMAO~~~~~~~~

  5. I must agree, I think BPP is fishing for some 420girlies ;)
  6. I'm a strictly catch-and-release man. *LOL*

    Have fun at my expense, I know I've dished enough of it out there.

    I just enjoy talking to the kids on their way to the beach to party. Kinda like a change in the season and spring is on its way. Snowbirds and campers headed north, kids chugging beer headed south.
  7. I think everyone should goto BPP's house for spring break. ;)

  8. sounds like a great party to me. ill bring chips
  9. i know I wasn't sent an invititaion, but If I wasn't going to Rosarito, I'd be at BPP's house in an instant. MAybe then we could start producation on the "movie" idea previously posted. Shit- If DaWodin's bring chips, I'll bring the beer. ANd as for the weed, i don't think that'll be a problem
  10. let me just state this right now....im NOT digging around anywhere for it :D
    definately sounded like trollin! but in your defense i totally understand you just like talkin to the kids, hehe...springs comming hehe.....
    jus jokin, jus jokin
    we mark our passing of summer with the harley rodeo....a very interesting time also
  11. Im going to Chicago spring break. Anyone up there want to meet up? ill leaving Friday and staying till St. pats day.
    Im going by Amtrak and im ridding coach. Can I bring my acoustic guitar in a soft case without it being damaged? Ide bring my guitar to my seat or is it put some where else on the train?

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