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spring break pics (bowls & cars)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by grass roots, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. i just got back from charlotte for the week and it was pretty damn awesome. smoking, drinking, and partying everyday, lots of fun!

    I stayed with a friend of mine in his apartment, and this was his bowl he got at the local head shop for 50 bucks. It hits awesome, and the color change was amazing....

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  2. i brought my one hitter with me and my stupid self decided to go ahead and clean it after i smoked, bad idea. I ended up breaking it when i was trying to get it into a plastic bottle and it didnt fit (but i was determined to make it fit, but a little too determined i guess haha). yeah, and the bowl on it shattered into a hundred peices. It will be missed.. not because it was a nice peice (only 15 bucks), but because i had some good memories with it...

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  3. ...but one must go on

    my bowl breaking was the perfect excuse to take a trip to the head shop and get a new peice :smoke:

    Chamelien glass is so damn awesome! I love this thing so much... btw its a tree gecko on the mouth peice :D

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  4. whats better than cruising around in a convertable in 70 degree sunny weather?

    ... having it be a 95 mustang gt with a rebuilt 5.0 v8 engine from a 1993 mustang cobra under its hood! He built the entire engine himself, pretty talented. He said it was close to 380 horsepower (naturally aspirated too). This thing sets off car alarms just cruising its so loud. Not to mention the pair of 12in subs in the trunk! This would almost be my dream car, but the whole 6 miles to the gallon kinda turns me off ;)

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  5. gotta have more than just one pic...

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  6. last one of it....

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  7. my dad gave me this pipe as an antique sort of thing. Its made for opium, but i couldnt resist and we smoke a little bud out of it one night. Kinda wish i didnt though, i burnt the wood a little at the top (picture is before i smoked out of it).

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  8. damn looked good to me pimp ride keep it that way :) ya shame about the pipe man i would do the same cant resist a pipe that was never smoked out of :p later
  9. haha holy fuck that's an awesome looking pipe
  10. The first sherlock:
    My friend has that exact same pipe. He bought it off brand new off this kid we know for $30 I believe. Hits real nice.

    Nice one hitter, sorry it broke, that sucks.

    But, nicer new bowl, that piece looks awesome.

    And that Mustang, thats nice that it has 380 naturally aspirated horsepower, but I'm not feeling the wheels, the taillights, or the wing. But to each his own, I guess.

    Looks like you had a fun Spring Break. My sister was just down in Charlotte getting an apartment. I might have to come down sometime and check it out.

    Oh yeah, and the opium pipe. Thats awesome. You ever get opium around where you are so you can use it the way its intended to be used? Damn, I wish my dad would give me a big ass opium pipe. :D
  11. he has the same bowl? does it have little cartoon characters on the bowl? we tried to figure out who they were, but we couldnt tell, hah...

    yeah, the tail lights arent particuarly in my fasion either, but it really doesnt matter when you hear this thing purrrrrr....

    i've only smoked opium once and i wasnt the one who bought it. someone i knew in cleveland Ohio had some and we smoked it out of a bong... I've asked around here in Atlanta, but no one has a clue of who or where to get it from...
  12. awesome pics! i like the both pipes, very nice! and cool ride you got there;)

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