Spring Break: Jamaica*PICS*

Discussion in 'General' started by Norvy1, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Whats up everyone, I just got back home from a 7 day trip to Jamaica. We stayed in Montego Bay. It was amazing; I got to see and do a lot of cool stuff. We got some "Ganja" the first day we were there for $50 America dollars. I looked at the stuff before I purchased and me and my buddy acutlly became friends with the guy that sold it to us. This guy even hooked us up with some hash, and it was the first time I had smoked it so it was fun. We went into the city twice, and got offered "Ganja" , Extasy, and Coke. We only got the weed and a little bit of hash. Prices for herb were roughly(no scale) about $50 American for 3/4 OZ. Judge the bud for yourselves, but I thought it was preety nice. It was a great trip and here are some pics for you guys to enjoy. Also: If anyone knows how to turn macro setting on my Cannon Powershot A70, please hook me up with some information.


    ^This is a pic of one of the six bowls I purchased while I was there, On the last day, I took this to the end of the pier and threw it. Hopefully someone will find it and it will bring them as muich joy as it did me.



    These are some Rolling papers we bought for 2 dollars from the Rasta who sold us the herb. RIZLA rolling papers. I dont know if they do this in the US with papers, but in the middle of the pack, there was a ble papers, that said: PLAN ACCORDLINGLY/ ONLY 10 PAPERS LEFT. I thought it was kind of funny.


    These Next five are the Pipes I brought back. I just wrapped them up with some news paper and threw them in cargo pockets of some shorts. All of the dry pipes were 2 for $20 in some shops in Downtown, and the Hammer Bubbler was $20. Every store we visited had glass and wooden pipes. And they all had the one hosed hookas like you see about, I got that for $30 at the hotel gift shop, they also had bowls and papers there as well.





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  2. Damn, i need to go to jamaica.
  3. That sounds like fun. I wanna go there one day.​
  4. That sounds like fun. I wanna go there one day.​
  5. That sounds like fun. I wanna go there one day.​
  6. Im liken everything that I see my friend
  7. i LOVE that waterbong, the big one..reminds me of my stolen science bong from grade 10 ha
  8. <-----jelous

    nice bowls man.... pitty you chucked that one, twas nice...anyway, hopefully someone DOES find it... nice pics, glad you had a good time!
  9. awesome, looked like you had fun ;)
  10. right off the plant! the best way to smoke it:hello:
  11. damn only 50 bucks for that.....jamaica is so awesome

    glad to see you had fun man
  12. i've heard that in gana, Africa the ganja is so cheap, if you brought fifty bucks you'd have to wait for a truck to transport it to your house cuz there'd be so much. Basically a buck will get you half an oz. or so if I remember. Of course, this could be total bunk, I just heard about it from my friend who went to Gana recently and she smokes a hella lot of weed so she said she kinda didn't want to leave, lol.

    Anyway, that Jamaican looks very nice man. Is that lambsbread?
  13. I find it amusing that all his pics from his spring break in Jamaica are him in his hotel room smoking weed.

    **just out of curiosity, approximately how much would it be, total expensives, to fly to jamaica and stay there for a week. i think that is something i would like to do myself sometime soon.
  14. damn i wanna go there cheap bud cheap glass looks like you had alot of fun!!!
  15. hellz yeah!
  16. Damn bro that looks sweet as fuck. Hope ya had a blast.
  17. Ja mon, if you dont mind me asking, what else would you like to see, I only posted the ones with weed becuuse I dont think pictures of me on the beach with my family and any other pictures that I may have taken are any of your business. Also because these are weed forums didn't feel like sharing any others. What would make you think that these are the only pictures of me on the whole trip man.

    Anyway, For me to fly there and back and stay at all inclusive resort that was 15 mins away from the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay. Weed was incredibly easy to get inside the resort on the beach. If anyone wants the resort name, just PM me.

  18. Why'd you chuck it? You could have at least given it to someone or cleaned it w/ alcohol and brought i t aBOASd

  19. Looks good.

    RIZLA papers are what EVERYBODY in the UK smokes, go into any shop in the UK and they will sell RIZLAs, actually most people in the UK refer to papers as "Rizlas".

    Lol :D
  20. Damn that sounds like a sick trip

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