Spring Break 2010 Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by SouthTx956, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. What are y'all planning for Spring break 2010?

    I'm headed to South Padre Island with a quarter pound of weed for me and around 10 buddies. Gonna stay there Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and coming back Sunday.

    Went last year during my Junior year and it was the craziest weekend of my life! :smoking::hello:
  2. Bangkok! Never been to that side of the world before, so I'm pretty stoked!
  3. Is Spring Break as big in Bangkok as in the States?
  4. spring break.. going to the ocean with my daughter.. can't wait :D
  5. My family wants to drive up to Canada.. I think Toronto. It was my idea actually. :D
  6. im plannin on gettin fucked up
  7. Smokin dope, working hella.
  8. celebrating my birthday headin to florida, then road trip it out to b.c.
  9. Either my gf will be done with her tour and be here...or she's fixing to fly me there to korea. Not sure yet.

  10. I am going to South Padre Island over the summer and will have weed...like...alot. maybe even a pound.
  11. Gonna go visit a friend in SoCal :D
  12. HOLY SHIT!

    • DEADMAU5
    • CARL COX

    Time to stock up on some vowels.

    I am going to this if it kills me.
  13. fuck that would be wicked

    im moving to victoria! :D

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