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Spreading the wealth

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Str8oFfThEtOP, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. I don't know about everyone else, but I have never been that guy that smokes and doesn't offer anyone around him a puff or two. Whenever I light up a j, I always take a few puffs and then offer my boys a few. I usually end up smoking 3/4 of the joint by myself with my friends taking random puffs in between mine. Now, my one friend is famous for lighting up and just smoking the whole thing to himself. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but what does everyone else do? Personally, I always saw weed as something to share and not keep to yourself.
  2. When I buy more than a dub I smoke my dealer up and he does the same for me. If Im in a group Ill share a j or even a bowl.
  3. Fuck yea, same here bro. I do find it selfish to smoke it by yourself, but hey sometimes we discover the difference between a friend and someone who only calls you to smoke your weed. If your gonna smoke anyone up, you wanna smoke up your dealer, hes the one weighing your shit and his judgment of how you share your bud should be the only judgment that really matters to you.. because he will remember it in the long run, trust me. :bongin:
  4. you're friend is a dick.
  5. it is there to share!
  6. TBH within my group of friends if we dont share then most of us aren't getting stoned as much as we'd like.

    It is pretty annoying though getting left little bits on joints over the course of the night that doesnt even get you stoned.

    I personally smoke about 3/4 of the joint to myself but most of my friends smoke just under half and a few pass it after about 4 or five draws not expecting to get it back.
  7. My friends are occasional smokers but I'm an everyday toker and always have some bud when they come round. Whenever they do come round I'll give them enough weed to get high on just because I feel awsome knowing i've made someone else feel awsome.
  8. #8 Dale.Gribble, Feb 23, 2009
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    Yah, I'm usually hanging out with some heavy smokers. I feel though every time I'll throw him an 1/8th he'll throw down a good fiver for match, but a good hour later because I'm sitting there with a QP he expects me to keep throwing down buds to smoke.. (without matching anymore, cause of his "situation" with such a small amount of bud to get him by) just cause I got so much doesnt mean I'ma keep smoking him up for free..
  9. All of my friends share the herb. Lol we are kinda like a collective if one does not have the other does. I smoke up dank with my friends all the time. Then again I am a social smoker so I will smoke all I have left if my buddies are not high enough as they would do the same. Yea, my friends are bad ass. :smoking:
  10. damn, i feel you man. :)
  11. Yah, if anyone was pushing they'd probably get a good idea of how I feel :bongin: More weed = more money.. and that leads to a larger investment.
  12. Being stoned is sooo much funner in a group.

    And weed's one of those things that join ppl together.

    So yeah, i always share.
  13. I deff will let people get in on what im smoking, To an extent though, if I dont want to smoke anymore im not going to roll another blunt or pack another bowl. But if Im doing it, why not spread the wealth??? Unless its like a crazy amount of ppl that want in on it haha
  14. yea i hate that... had a much lower tolerance than my roommate and when i was the only one with weed i smoked him up, but he never got as high as he wanted. i always knew he wanted to smoke more but thats too bad because i was satisfied, otherwise id just be giving him (more) weed (than i already am) to smoke

  15. You always share Always always

    If your friends wants to smoke a whole fatty too himself tell him gtfo
  16. i dont think i could smoke something to my face when im with ppl and not offer to anyone, thats just dick in my opinion. and i dont like being the only stoned person in a group of sober ppl either, thats never fun
  17. yah, I always share too.
  18. He wasnt ur friend in the first place if ur gonna tell him to fuck off for how he wants to smoke his stuff.... If i just bought a 20 and wanted to be blazed and smoked a blunt to myself I would laugh my ass off at you trying to tell me wut to do with my money... who the fuck are you?
  19. I only smoke with other people unless im by myself. I always spread the love, hoping that the love will come back next time.

  20. haha obviously you only smoke with other people unless your be yourself

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