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Spraying cool aid on your grow????

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jose20, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Just curious if that works coupe people told me it gives the plat tasite i dont really believe that what do yall think lol
  2. That would not give any taste to the plant the only thing it would do is attract insects cause of all the sugar.
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    There is so much wrong with this idea. Inhaling burned sugar is very detrimental towards the health of your lungs.
  4. Yeah you'll get nothing but a shit ton of bugs.
  5. so what are things u can do to give it some fruit taste/smell ...or is that even posible:confused:
  6. This is cray

  7. Buy a fruity strain
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    Inject your soil with purple kool aid, that's how purple kush is made

    Edit: Just a joke in case anybody takes this seriously lol never know :)
  9. It's mostly based on phenotype (expressed physical genetics).

    You can't just spray shit all over your plants and make them smell good, you can optimize their potential scent with a proper cure but otherwise you're doing more harm than good.
  10. I dont know if it would work but the sugar argument is not valid due to kool-aid being sugar free
  11. In before black jokes....
  12. ^^ Right.

    When I saw the headline for this thread I knew this person had to be black haha.

  13. I have a bridge in brooklyn for sale if you're interested.

    Real cheap

  14. dat shit cray

  15. if you use a water pipe, use some sort of juice or flavored water (just be sure to clean out the pipe when you are done)

    another thing i have heard of but didn't ever try, put orange peels (any kind of fruit peels for that matter) and keep it in your bag. I heard this not only gives the bud some flavor but keeps it from drying out. Just make sure it doesn't start to mold.
  16. I bet lil bitch Wayne sung about this.
  17. Smoking aspartame is an even worse idea than smoking glucose, because its metabolities are toxic.

  18. Yep it works, I do it all the time lol
  19. i just want some good tastin/smellin bud ....try to make my own strain of kush

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