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  1. I hate spots. They've been the bane of my life since I was 12 years old.

    Anyone got any home remedies for 'em?
  2. Record yourself squeezing them until they pop and then put the video on Youtube.
  3. Yeah. I turned 19.

    Never seen em since.
  4. Okay, here's my serious reply:

    I still get the odd zit and I'm 34. Fortunately being on birth control pills cleared up my regular outbreaks and stopped me from getting the massive, festering, throbbing deep tissue acne cysts that lasted for weeks and hurt like the devil.

    I wouldn't recommend birth control pills for males, though, unless you think growing boobs would be a feature rather than a drawback.

    But seriously, home remedies...

    Tea tree essential oil is great for drying up zits.

    Toothpaste can make a fairly good emergency zit cream.

    Warm compresses on zits can make them come to a head and clear up faster, especially if you use old tea bags for them, because the tannic acid is good for drying up the inflammation.

    Don't touch your face unless you are washing it, or otherwise cleansing it, and make sure your hands are clean before you do.

    Pure vitamin e capsules can help with scarring, just make sure that the vitamin e agrees with you and doesn't make you break out more.

    Some people, including me, have had surprisingly great results with the Oil Cleansing Method. It may sound counterintuitive, but it works well for some people, so it might be worth a try, but if you do it for about a week to two weeks, and your skin doesn't show improvement, then it may not be for you.

    Pure Moroccan clay, also called rhassoul, or ghassoul, which you can get from a variety of online sources, is great for absorbing oil and calming skin down. You buy it dry so it never goes bad, and just mix up a bit at a time. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.
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    I have really horrible acne.

    iv have tried every single method, every single cream, and every single other fucken medicine. an non of them fucken work. An extream example of this would be eating about 6 apples a day, drinking 3 ounces of water. and washing my face atleast 3 times a day, and cleaning out my rectum with fucken water atleast once a day, It helps way more than any other thing iv tried. But its to much work for me. I now am perscribed to benziclin or w/e its called, and tetrocycolin, and it helps alot. But i still get acne. I plan to upgrade my perscription.

    my number one tip... is to eat atlaest 3 apples everyday, drink lots of water. and try your favorite face wash atleast twice a day. and NO MATTER WHAT DO NOT GIVE IN. AND DO NOT FUCKEN POP ANY PIMPLES ON YOUR FACE. {and honestly what motivates me not to pop my pimples. is look at my sisters face every now and then. Becuase she looks like a monster.)

    I have done tremendous research on acne. Iv tried just about everything. But to this day i still suffer. Acne effects everything i do in life. except, if im at home by myself. good luck chuck, i hope your not like me. it could be wayyy worse.
  6. Are you healthy and in and in shape?
  7. I feel you bro...damn retin-a initial breakout fucked me over..Lost like 4 months of my life from it...still sticking with retin a now that the ib is over...but I'm still fucked :(. I've already invested so much time... 5 months to retin a so hopefully sometime soon it'l clear...And yea I also have to eat at least 3 red apples a day and at least 2 liters of water :/. If it doesnt get better I'm gonna just try accutane..whats you're daily routine? I use dove soap in the morning and depending on how my skin is either a light coat of benzoyl peroxide or moisturize then in the night a mild cleanser and retin-a 35 minutes after.
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  10. My acne cleared up after I started making my own shampoo and gave up on mainstream soaps and deodorants. Funny how that works, buying less product cleared my face up.
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    Oh ya man. I use some strawberry suave shampoo and conditioner. And some axe body gel. Do these products effect acne? I never really thought shampoo would effect my face.
  12. i know at least for me that any soap/body wash not specifically for "sensitive skin" will make me break out. i use the blue dove for men body wash and have not broken out since

    same with my face. any washes specifically for acne make me break out like crazy. i cant use salicylic acid at all or i wake up the very next day with pizza face.

    what i do now is simply rub my face in the shower with hot water, to remove the oil, and then once out of the shower apply some diluted tea tree oil. havent had one pimple in over a year with this method
  13. Tea tree oil is amazing
  14. Better go to dermatologist to remove it or have it for the rest of your life.

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