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  1. First of all this is my first hydro grow, so far everything has far exceeded my expectations of what I could do. DWC is almost unbeliveable in simplicity, plant growth and from what I can see yield. No real problems till I noticed some brown spots on my leaves the other day. What would be the cause of this? I have one Super Silver Haze and she is the one with the problem. I have 2 other Pot of Gold plants that look fine, and one bag seed no spots. You can see in the pics that some of the leaves edges are curled up and some have turned brown. What would be the cause of that? Plants are in thier 23rd day of flowering, 12-12.

    6 5 gallon buckets - using 4
    1 14 quart reservoir with a recirculating pump.
    RO water
    850 ppm using GH 3 part nutes
    69.5 water temp
    76-78 air temp
    1000 watts HPS - grow bulb - air cooled
    440 cfm can fan
    160 watts cool floros
    Distance to plants is about 14 inches to the closest top.
    20 inch fan blowing on them.
    Box size is 42"wx79"lx65"h

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  2. HIGH All, shit very nice for your first Hydro grow you know what your pH is? Your Babies look like it has Calcium deficiency.
  3. Calcium deficieny, I'll read up on it.
    PH floats between 6.2 and 6.9. I have used less than a teaspoon of up/down ph since veg stage, it stays good by itself. The RO PH is 7.0-7.1.
  4. HIGH All, pH for Hydro is best around 5.6 to 6.0.....mine are 5.6 and when it hit's 5.9 around a week later I change.

    Here' a excellent guide by MynameStitch
  5. AAhhh, sorry typo, I was in a hurry at lunch and typed in my reply without rereading.
    Ph ranges from 5.2-5.9
    Righ now its 5.6
    RO before nutes is 7.0-7.1
    Thanks for the replies. Now off to research calcium deficiency.
  6. ph is to high, like uno said you need to get it to 5.5 to 6.2 and keep it stable

    and you are doing an excellent job for a first timer! some people are very intimidaded by hydro at first, but i honestly think hydro is easier than soil because you can control the ph beter in hydro

    you just need more tools to grow with hydro right rather than soil
    what nutes are you using?

    also how big are these plants?

    its also not a good idea to keep more than one strain in the same DWC system unles you have grown them in the system together before and know there care and nute requirements are the same

    doing this will save a lot of heart ache

    cause some will be doing fine and the others will be almost dead or not having enough nutes and if ya bump it up the other strain might not like it so you got a off balance setup then

    other than that everything else is looking good

    oh! also i forgot... Ro water has alot taken out like calcium magnseium
    so you have to use slightly more micronutes with RO water rather than with tap
  7. We posted earlier at the same time.

    Plants are 24-25 inches tall. I did what I believe is LST, I bent the tops over continuously till all the side branches caught up with the tops.

    I could see multiplants in one system being a headache, I'll take your advice ty.

    I'm using 3 part GH nutes. Doesn't the Micro have calcium in it?
  8. ya micro should have calcium in it, ill go double check to make sure though
  9. I just finished mixing up a few gallons. The FloraMicro has 5% Calcium (ca). But as you said this looks like calcium deficency and I agree according to what I've read so far. That above link clearly shows a pic and mine look pretty close to that. Most leaves have some spots, a few have a lot and a few have no spots at all. Is that normal characteristic for calcium deficency?

    They are coming up on 28 days of flower, loooking beautiful I might add, should I even worry about it at this stage in the game?
  10. Here's a few pics. I just wired up 3 23/100 watt cfl's on the edges. I've got 1460 watts of light now over 4 DWC plants and 3 nothern lights in 3 gallon grow bags. The plants in the buckts are atleast 3 times the size and there the same age! The second picture is one bud of about 12 buds on this SSH, about silver dollar size and 14-16 inches long. The first picture is a shot into one of the pot of gold sweethearts.

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  11. shiiiit man, thats a fat set up, bet u gettin some good yields bruv.

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