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  1. Nine times out of 10 I can diagnose a problem using the sticky guide above. Every once in awhile I have to get some help from an expert. I think this is one of those times.

    I have 3 new plants about 3 weeks old. From the very start it seems as if one of them has problems with it's lower leaves only. They get black spots and dry out. Once they even turned brown between the veins. This isn't consistent with any single plant and here is a pic.


    So far keeping leaves trimmed for my LSTing, I have been able to keep those leaves trimmed off but the lower leaves on the secondary growth is starting to do the same thing. I am hoping to find a mom or 2 out of these 3 plants for a SOG grow.

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. Check your medium's pH...I have a feeling it'll tell tales.
  3. It is hydroton. Supposed to be neutral ph and I don't even know how to check it.
  4. you need a pH meter and test the pH of your water. For a hydro system the pH should be about 5.1-5.9 if am thinking correct
  5. I have been testing the PH and it has been fine. Yesterday I tested the TDS of the fresh nutes I added last week. The PPM had dropped over 100 points telling me that my nutes were not strong enough. I made a fresh batch of stronger nutes and the plants already seem to be responding.

    I grew this strain once before and it seems I had similar problems with the lower leaves when the plant first started growing. It took a week or 2 to get the nutes totally right and the plants took off. I think this might be what is happening here. The growth has been real slow and last night it looks like they almost doubled in size. They are standing up straighter, the leaves look greener and they just seem happier. Hopefully this problem is resolved. If not I will be back with more information and questions.
  6. I trimmed off the bad leaves, changed the nutes and today here is how it looks.


    This is also a good pic of LST in action. The plant begin growing in the middle of the pot. It was bent over and tied down with black wire (s shape at lower right in pic) and again at the lower left. The green to the farthest left in the pic is the actual top to the plant. The tops you see in the upper right are all secondary growth caused by the LST. These will be ready for clone by early next week.

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