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  1. Any blades downloaded spotify yet? It is literally one of the greatest programs ive ever used. I just hopped on this train and I cant look back. Words cant really describe how amazing it is.

    Basically for those of you who dont know what it is, it's essentially a free version of Itunes, for your computer only, that lets you make your own playlists and favorite a bunch of songs. It also links you to similar artists, and is connected over facebook. I like the facebook aspect, because lets face it, music really is all about sharing, and I like looking at what my friends have been listenning to.

    So give it a chance! DL from and just log in with your facebook account :) easy as that!
  2. I got it back when it first launched in the US, still need to upgrade to premium. I literally use it everyday, i actually just opened itunes for the first time this year to put some music on my ipod for my truck :rolleyes:.
  3. Yeah im in love with it and trying to spread it as much as possible, because like they say, sharing music is dope.

    Definitely going premium this summer

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