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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by squidgo, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. So I'm blazed as hell watching this Kansas Uk game (GO CATS!! btw lol) and I realized one of my favorite things to do while stoned is watch my team play. So to keep this relevent I ask who else like to watch sports high?
  2. I do! I remember a while back a couple friends and I were blazing and watching the Superbowl and the opposing team was at our team's 1-10 yard line (don't remember exactly, it was pretty close to a touchdown nonetheless) and my friend said "Watch this we'll intercept it and run straight for a touchdown. The play starts, our team catches the ball and runs the whole field for a touchdown. We were so stoned and didn't understand what the hell just happened.
  3. I can barely watch a wall without being distracted.:cool:
  4. I also just realized I love watching sports high and I realized why there are 3 things

    1. If they lose your not as disappointed cuz your high and happy as hell

    2. When they do good your 10x as happy as you normally would be haha

    3. Your so high that when boring stuff happens its still fun to watch cuz your high

    This concludes my report on why smoking and sports is a recipe for greatness ;)
  5. Everything they do is so damn impressive, watching the NFL is awesome.. especially my niners

    The nba is crazy too, just amazing athletes
  6. The first time I got high, we were watching a Lakers game (I'm an obsessive Laker fan). It was crazy, Kobe hit a shot at the buzzer to send it into overtime.

    I think football is much funner to watch while high though. It feels like you're watching an epic war or something crazy like that.
  7. Some of my favorite times being high are turning on football I'm a cheesehead go pack btw! But turning on some football ordering up some pizza hut or getting some Chinese food good times haha
  8. hockey while high is trippy bro just watching them skate on ice and plus once in while there are those gnarly hits and fights
  9. I'm a Chargers fan, so I was disappointed in the loss, but watching that Chargers vs. Packers game while baked out of my mind was such a fun experience!
  10. [quote name='"Helljumper"']

    I'm a Chargers fan, so I was disappointed in the loss, but watching that Chargers vs. Packers game while baked out of my mind was such a fun experience![/quote]

    Not nearly as bad as the game vs the chiefs. Philip rivers is really a fuck up this season.
  11. Women's volleyball is my favorite ;)
  12. watching hockey on tv while high is amazzzziiing!! GO BRUINS!
  13. I love baseball sober or high. I watched the historic last day of the 2011 season stoned. Epic as hell.
  14. I like watching soccer and rugby high.
  15. nah... i mean if its the only thing on or if its like a playoff with the local teams (eagles, phillies, flyers) ill watch it. but i dont really like to watch sports whether stoned or sober
  16. NHL is where it is at...Hockey is by far the best sport ever!
  17. i don't like watching sports in general. i enjoy doing physical activities, like playing the sports instead of watching them. soccer is always fun stoned
  18. I absolutely LOVE watching sports high. I watched the Giants vs Bills a few weeks ago and it was such a crazy game lmao. I felt like every time I looked up from the computer some big play just happened. Going to see the G-men play the Eagles this Sunday night with my pops.. Only if he blazed one down with me when we go.. One day hopefully :(
  19. #19 StuGrimson23, Nov 17, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 17, 2011

    I'm looking forward to watching Chargers vs Bears this Sunday. Gonna twist a up a jay right before Devin Hester returns the opening kickoff for another touchdown.:D

    I love watching sports baked at home. If I'm attending the game, my favorite is getting baked in the car before a Hawks or Bulls game or smoking jay while a I walk to Wrigley. I don't really like smoking if I'm going to a Bears game because my yelling until I have no voice totally kills my buzz, as does the freezing weather later in the season.
  20. Thats ill man! I've been to Wrigley once it was really cool, I really enjoyed it. I also like to drink during the game get at least a couple beers or sneak something in.

    I've smoked jays walkin from Metro Center to Verizon Center but only like twice cause that shit is sketch in DC :mad:

    But yea I love sports baked or not baked haha

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