Sports Betting online - Is it available?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Vash.The.Stampede, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Can you bet on sports online, through a service such as bodog, and still receive your payout?

    Or is this completely impossible?
  2. It's possible, but it's usually done with local bookeys, not completely online.
  3. Local bookeys?? where do you find those lol
  4. You gotta look bro. There are betting sites online, where you place bets online and everything else, but you go to your local bookey for payoffs and what not. You know, so theres no paper trail.
  5. bodog works great for me. you can get a check sent to you once a month for free and i've never had a problem cashing them

  6. Well the reason I thought of this question is because I used to have an account with before they became

    I am assuming they switched their url because they now longer plan on conducting business with U.S. citizens??

    I don't went to bet money on there and then later find out that the U.S. Gov't won't allow me to get my winnings/money back.

    Are you currently getting a check for once a month for free? How is it possible? Are there loopholes I need to know about?

  7. nah dude it's because it's not based in america, because it isn't really legal. and yes i normally cash a check every month from them, depending on when it is. not really any loopholes. you can just direct deposit the check into your bank account, that's what i do. the check doesn't say "bodog" on's from some random business. probably a front or something. i don't really care HOW they do it as long as i get my money.
  8. Yo man I used to use bodog...never had problems.

    This past spring I used and had a great experience. Easy to deposit. Easy and fast payout.

    But in the past 6 months the online sports betting industry has been kinda shaky so I've stuck to a local bookie.

    Do your homework, read user reviews and pick a book that you feel is legit. Look at their deposit and payout options, make sure their methods suit you and note if there are any fees associated with them.

    Best of luck.

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