Sports are Fake

Discussion in 'General' started by G29Jones, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I got really high one time and i was watching some football.

    I noticed that some of the games outcomes look set up. Like when a star player suddenly gets "Hurt" from a hit, that doesnt look that bad, and then the team goes on to lose. I only notice this when i am reallly high tho, and i can see how set up it is.

    Example: First week of the season, and a top team loses to an underdog. It looks like it is set up to get more viewers to watch. I think they set these games up for bets too. Alot of people bet on these games, and they will vote for tha top team. The league will bet on the underdog and cash in on the game.

    I dont think samb bradford, or jermain gresham got injured. That was a top team, losing to an underdog, because of a bullshit injury.

    It jus doesnt seem like these events are happening because of fate. They are being controlled:smoke:
  2. Like WWE wrestling.:laughing:

    I highly doubt big games are set up in the way you are saying. Pretty sure that wouldn't be kept a secret for too long.

  3. For real. People talk.

    Atleast 1 player would eventually spill the shit. Prolly after retirement.
  4. They all use steroids.
  5. lol, football aint fake.
  6. If this was true, whats to stop a retired player from spilling the secret to a news outlet for big cash?

    Nah man, I grew up watching football, and played myself for a while, its definitely not fake:D
  7. Wat about donovan mcnabb getting injured. It didnt look like he broke a rib at all. I was wathcin the game stoned, and i think its in order so michael vick can get a chance to run the team. I think that was set up...
  8. I think this was just one of those stoned conspiracy thoughts you get while stoned. We've all had them i'm sure.:p
  9. I don't think sports are fake. I like sports. I don't want anything to ruin them for me.
  10. and as far as the nfl goes. The games they bet on, prolly helps to pay the players salaries. Thats why they dont snitch. Maybe its in every players contract that they sign, stating that they dont snitch..... Maybe im just high..:smoke:
  11. are you there on the feild with him? It might LOOK like he didn't get injured, but you cant say unless your mcnabb.

    If a guy punches you square in the nose and breaks it, it could LOOK like to other people that the shot didnt hurt, but to you, it does, cuz you know your nose is broken.
  12. Yup. I don't get how people get in a furor about steroids in baseball, but fail to criticize the sport where steroids are most widely used, football. It pisses me off.
  13. you really think all 53 NFL players are smart enough to act like nothing is going on? I've thought of this before, during the Red Sox vs. Yankees ALCS back in 2004 when they came back from 3-0, I thought it was impossible to do that without cheating....but I've gotten over it.
  14. I dont necessarily think football is fixed in the ways you are saying, but ive seen alot of games where it seems like the reffs are only calling fouls for one team and not the other.
  15. lol ***** sports aint fake. As for steroid use, I think they should be made to use them. Mandatory steroids for that amount of money. Those bastards should all be throwing almost whole football fields, hitting home runs out the ass and all that junk

  16. for real? its one of those injuries where everything that has to go wrong does, and that guy hit him in just the right spot to crack a rib or two.

    Games aren't rigged, you're just being paranoid lol.
  17. I dont know sam bradford landed pretty hard on his shoulder, I dont think that was staged at all.
  18. The games themselves deffinitly are not set up. Officials and refs though can persude a game and I think more will come out sooner or later. Happened to that NBA ref, forgot his name

  19. This.

    I have a feeling College Basketball is the most corrupt sport out there.

    But yea, the amount of gambling that goes on surrounding sports definitely leaks its corruption into the games but not on the level that the OP implies.
  20. If professionals fake injuries, then someone, please give this man his Oscar already!

    [ame=]YouTube - Shaun Livingston ACL injury[/ame]

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