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Discussion in 'General' started by Romain, May 26, 2006.

  1. Might seem a long shot but anyone here own a sportbike or "crotch rocket" as lots of people call them. Its summer here, moving out, and am thinking about buying one and was jw if anyone could give me any good info/experience.

    Stay High
  2. yep i have a yamaha R6. i love the thing to death. as a matter of fact i got a speeding ticket on it yesterday. but nothing beats 60-65 MPG espically when gas costs $3.10 a gallon. gotta watch out though. wouldnt reccomend a 600 for your first bike

    for your first bike id reccomend a ninja EX250. its a 250 but has soo much more power then anyone will ever give credit to in a 250. i still have mine and that sucker still hits 115 MPH ish. plus wheelies in second gear without much hesitation. no take that power and triple it and thats an R6, or any of the race ready 600's.

    be careful. motorcycle are dangerous... ive almost died 3 times on one.
  3. I was looking at the 250's Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki and they look too little what i want. It's my first bike but i still want something that looks like a real sportbike. I was thinking the range of 500cc for begininng. Iv read that Kawasaki and Suzuki i should look into for starter bikes because they have the good ones for that.
  4. I miss riding. I used to ride a lot back in Texas, but people drive like complete retards out west. I don't feel safe riding out here, too many fucked-up people behind the wheel.
  5. yep. ive had 4 bikes. and i ride with the stunt team SeventyfiveSouth
  6. Hahaha.
  7. haha R_M..... it will be the death of me... i know this
  8. haha i'm just poking fun.

    Just don't hit my car when you fly off your bike.
  9. Yeah, Street Bikes aren't something you can hop on and wheelie down the street.
    Do you have any experince with other motor sports? (Dirtbikes, ATVs etc) This will be a big factor if you should get a bigger bike. 250's are a bit small... so I would atleast go with a 500, if you think your up to it. 600's if you have rode Dirtbikes or whatever for years.

    1 Tip, TRY before you buys, test drive as much as you can. There are so many choices out there. Good Luck.
  10. I had a kawasaki Ninja, but i sold it..I love crotch rockets, i wanna get another one wheni get some extra money..
  11. i wont but i gurentee my head wont.... the helmet just keeps it together
  12. Right now i dont have any experience on 2 wheel vechiles. Have road mini bikes before haha but thats the closest. Still have yet to take a Motorcycle course at my school and take the MSF course. Yeah iv been reading up on whats good and tips buying one online. The 250s just look like fast dirtbikes more than sportbikes. Im 5'10" at 145 pounds so im not the most beefy looking person you've seen before. I thought id give it a thought because im movin out on my own and finances are something im gonna have to keep in close check. I mean, they are alot cheaper than buying a new or used car plus i dont carry alot of me at all, anytime. Even in my car there's basically nothing in there cause i clean it out all the time.

    Choices so far (just by looking at the manufacturers site):

    Kawasaki Ninja 500R/650R (Heard you shouldnt by anything with "R" in it though??)
    Suzuki Katana 600
    Suzuki GS500F
    Honda CB600RR
  13. no way on the honda cbr.... ud kill urself with too much power... do u know how to drive a bike? do u have ur liscence yet?
  14. Dont know how to drive a bike. Still have to take the classes like i said. Have a liscence but for automobile.
  15. I have a Suzuki Bandit 600cc Naked/Street class.

    It is fucking fast trust me!

    I love bikes.
  16. then dont go for a crotch rocket as ur first. i have a yamaha R6 but ive been riding dirtbikes ince i was 4, got my motorcycle liscence at 16 same time as car, and havce 15,000 miles expierience on a bike. just be careful.
  17. You know, this is a perfect thread for my question.

    I don't like life, in fact, I want to go out with a bang; I want the world to squint in pain as they read my obituary. So, what bike should I get, here are my stats. I have no bike experience, and I want to make a big splat, so I should get a _________.

    Lol, I'm just playing. I'm looking into buying a bike because summer nights where i live are just beautiful, and i always want to go out and ride at like 2 in the morning. But two things I'm afraid of; a) speeding tickets (I'm almost certain a crotch rocket doesn't go the speed limit, I think it's physically impossible) and b) Wreckless Driving Tickets....
  18. suzuki hayabusa
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  19. u have bike expierence? i got a ticket on thurs.... wrekless driving is impossible on a bike becuase cops cant legally persue you... or atleast thats the case in this state.

    and bikes can go the speed limit its just near impossible :)
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  20. put a turbo on that bitch to you'll crash before you make it to 3rd gear haha, hell you might crash before you shift into 2nd. good way to go out with a bang

    i want to get a bike, but i gotta get a buncha other shit strait first, i aint worried about insurance or anything like that cuz i aint pullin over for no police haha
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