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  1. Any yall listen to SPM (South Park Mexican) some of his shit is pretty good. Got some tight songs, some real shit. But then again, some of his shit isnt that good at all, and he sounds whiny.

    So anyone else bumpin his shit?
  2. no one likes SPM... Listen to em sometime..
  3. Never heard of him........

    But thats funy cause SPM is the acronym for my "band" (bassist/singer, 2 guitarists) our name is Sexual Pancake Mix lol

    I may check him out, may not though just cause i dont like the name......

    is he actually from the show?? (i dont watch it......)
  4. SPM is one of my favorites rappers out to date. Been bumpin him for many a years.

    Comes on that real tip with his lyrics, Has that layed back houston sound to his beats and spanish rappers are the shit, Period.

    I bump SPM almost daily.

    O.G., Bloody War, Streets On Beats, Boys On Da Cut, Hustle Town, Peace Pipe, Children Of The Ghetto, Block Of Rock, City Of Dank, Habitual Criminal, Miss Perfect, Mexican Radio, One Of Those Nights, The 3rd Wish, In My Hood, Rollin, Dope Game, The Forgotten Verse ect ect.

  5. hell yeah, all them shits is good. I really like "you know my name", I love the beat to this shit! Ima have to get it and put some shit down to it.

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