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  1. Can someome tell me how to make a pretty simple sploof?
  2. I just stuffed it in back in the day when i did that
  3. How to make a spoof is in the definition. It's a toilet roll tube (or tissue paper tube) stuffed with dryer sheets. How do you think you make one? :p
  4. I like to use a small plastic bottle.. Cut around 4 small slits on the bottom of the bottle and then I stuff the bottle with dryer sheets. Seems to work real well for me.

    Abeth :smoking:
  5. This is how I make mine. I prefer the gatorade bottles since they have a wide mouth. Either cut, burn (with a cig or something), or drill some holes in the bottom and stuff it nice and good with dryer sheets.
  6. ya thats exactly what i do and i put 5 dryer sheets in it, never been caught in 3 years

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