Spliff #15...

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  2. 15th spliff and what? jk haha this is dope i like the part where jim carey freaks out and the end too
  3. I've made 15 episodes of what I call 'Spliff'. They're all on an older account (www.YouTube.com/FumingNewman). I make serious projects as well like trailers and wrestling edits, but when I get stoned I want to have a little fun and just make stupid vids haha.

    Thanks for watching though man, appreciate it :smoking:
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    Haha! Funny man! And entertaining and just a quick question. What Jim carrey movie is that? (With the cop)
  5. Me, Myself, and Irene
  6. haha that's pretty cool man i really like it, though i think it would be more fun to watch it on....*gasp*....*whispers* unmentionables.
  8. "You own this bush??" Haha

    'Too blessed to be stressed'
  9. lmfao....possibly, yes. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it man. I appreciate it.
    IVE ABANDONED MY CHILDDDDD..... daniel day fucking lewis. the man <3
    haha...glad you could get a laugh.
    I posted this ages ago, weird how it's randomly getting comments now. I edit these things all the time when I'm getting stoned, purely for fun and for other stoners. I dunno what they're supposed to be or anything...but im glad people could enjoy them.

  10. Bro! Thank you soo much for this!!! These are fucking incredible! Im gonna go check out your channels. And what movie is that at 1:30 on spliff #10?

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  11. Really appreciate it man, sittin here stoned so you put a smile on my face readin that haha :smoking:
    The film is called 'Extract'.
  12. Haha same here man! That video made my night! Thanks, ill check it out

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  13. There's plenty more on the account that I linked up in the OP. Glad you enjoyed it.
  14. "I got papers,blunts,bongs, all the ingredients to make a high nigga pie,hahaha",LMAO....good vid,made me laugh.
  15. Thanks man...might make a grasscity-related one..... glad you enjoyed it.
  16. Do it!!!

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  17. haha thats sick

    my favourite was the Harold n kumar Indian guy havin a piss

    it gets a bit crazy towards the end
  18. Do you just do it as a hobby or are you attending school for it? Or were you self taught? What programs do you use?
  19. Hell yea hopsin!
  20. Damn there was so much happening in that video, I felt like I was watching adult swim high/drunk at 3 in the morning.
    Definitely interesting though, I'm sober yet felt like I was high there for a couple minutes. :smoking:

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