spiritualist, give me your opinion on this argument

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  1. no matter who we chose to listen to...science /religion/the fucking TV..... what it means to you is still determined by how you look at it........so yeah ...we still on the same track.....

    i like it all alone?:eek:

    im down!:bongin:

  2. Do you believe in something after death?

    Well you don't have to like politics, but people who do not want to participate should not complain about the system. Not saying you do or don't.




    ......what were we talking about again? [​IMG]

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  3. vote republican
    vote democrat
    vote republican
    vote democrat

    until change, or for national:

  4. to hard to say from here......i believe there is more to the whole mess then any of us will ever know from here....
    what happens when we die?
    only one way to really find out now isnt there?
    only one way "period" to know "for sure"
    and noone is coming back from there to to us all in on the big secret yet?

    i generally dont post in the politics section for just that reason...... i figure i want nothing to do with the people in chagre and their rules.....so i leave them too it...and keep to myself.....
    fuck i dont even...and never have voted...but i think that may have been in another thread....?:confused::bongin:

    yeah....what he said!!!!
  5. its a cold world, bundle up

  6. As much as I would looove to know what happens after death, I know I will never know in this lifetime. The reason being ( and a pretty simple one at that): you will be dead before you can comprehend what happens after death. A paradox.
    If the spirit lived on, I would assume it would use a different way of interpreting its reality - not with a meaty mass, but with something else.
    Maybe the spirit has a completely different way of being. Who even knows if the spirit sees (something that involves a brain).
    Technology allows to see very far into reality (space) and it allows to see deep down into it, also (quantum states). Maybe we're not technologically advanced enough to know what happens after death. We are, after all, a part of this universe - something that IS observable.

    So to answer your question, I think the spirit - assuming it exists - exists in a different state than the one we are all currently in.
    Who said that?? Energy is neither created nor destroyed?? It is only transformed.
  7. i can tell you, it can now see again. it now has eyes, believe me, the sweetest sight eyes could see
    there has to be a source from the big bang, why wouldnt this source be perfect. its capable of evolving reasoning life forms

  8. This is a type of post I was hoping for. Thank you for setting a fine example with this post.

    As to the bolded, this is an excellent statement. Yet, people who claim to have outer body experiences say that this is what it feels like. Do you agree or disagree?
  9. Oh hey, thanks. I'd like to answer your question, but I'm not too sure what is being asked. Could you re ask that in a different way?? Maybe I'll get it this time around :eek:
  10. Its not wondering around aimlessly. Its absorbed into the environment. Thats why you have haunted houses/graveyards/ect

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