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  1. If you believe we all have some form of a spirit or soul that continues on after we die, then defend this argument. I thought it was worth making a new thread.

    Describe how you can experience without your brain? You're brain controls everything, it records everything taking in by your senses. (Unless damaged). I am asking you to explain why shouldn't I believe this, "soul or spirit", isn't just some product of my brain.
  2. I will say no one can accurately defend this argument that exist with us on this Earth. We only perceive how the mind works as it pertains to the body, so anyone claiming any authority on this subject would only be speculating or flat out lying. If the soul or spirit does exist if it were to use the brain as a medium to interact with the body then there will always be something tying it to brain. In death we might know for certain how the soul stands alone, but then again noones really certain about death either. Life tells us that if there is a GOD he is pretty good at covering his tracks, so I doubt we find any loopholes showing the soul and the body working independently in natural life, but time will most certainly tell.
  3. I cant remember which thread I stated this in but spirits and ghosts are essentially energy. Would you agree to this? Many ghost hunters find that their equipment randomly shuts off even though it had a full battery. This usually occurs during a supernatural event. Its thought that these spirits draw energy from them to act in our world

    Ghosts or spirits, whatever you would like to call them, is our soul that was released in the world. If we accept that the soul is pure energy, then it goes to say that the physical body was a collection point. It is a fact that our bodies have a small electrical charge to them. As we grow, our souls grow, and that energy grows.

    Now to bring this into scientific terms, the Law of Energy states that energy can not be created, nor destroyed. We obtain and collect the energy from nature, and thus it must be released back into nature when the body can no longer contain it.

    So in essence, your soul is a product of your brain, but it simply doesnt disappear when the brain dies.
  4. Energy can be transferred. So when the brain dies it still has energy within that it runs on. This energy doesn't just linger around aimlessly. Without it's cause, the organ that creates this energy, it will transfer back into potential energy. Without the organ it can not continue to be active energy. I personally believe this transfer is in the form of DMT.
  5. i take silver over gold anyday
  6. In my belief,
    You can have two bodies in your whole conscious existence, your earthly body, then your angelic body, when your earth body dies, your spirit is taken by a reaper, an angel, and is put into an angelic body, and then you are transferred before God to face judgment, whether you will stay in Heaven, or be put to sleep, to spiritually roam the earth until the destruction of all wicked souls comes.
  7. just saying....

    Infinite dreams I can't deny them, infinity is hard to comprehend
    I could hear those screams, even in my wildest dreams
    Suffocation waking in a sweat, scared to fall asleep again
    In case the dream begins again

    Someone chasing I cannot move, standing rigid nightmare's statue
    What a dream when will it end, and will I transcend?
    Restless sleep the minds in turmoil, one nightmare ends another fertile
    Getting to me so scared to sleep, but scared to wake now, in too deep

    Even though its reached new heights, I rather like the restless nights
    It makes me wonder it makes me think there's more to this I'm on the brink
    It's not the fear of what's beyond, It's just that I might not respond
    I have an interest almost craving, but would I like to get too far in?

    It can't all be coincidence, too many things are evident
    You tell me you're an unbeliever, spiritualist? Well me I'm neither
    But wouldn't you like to know the truth of what's out there to have the proof
    And find out just which side you're on, where would you end in heaven or in hell?

    Help me, help me to find my true self without seeing the future
    Save me, save me from torturing myself even within my dreams

    There's got to be just more to it than this, or tell me why do we exist?
    I'd like to think that when I die I'd get a chance another time
    And to return and live again, reincarnate, play the game
    Again and again and again and again

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwXLPHFpS8Q]YouTube - Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams ( Studio Version With Lyrics )[/ame]
  8. Energy is not built up in our body, it is always transferred into something else. If we get angry, we can punch something. We are transferring our energy.

    But what happens when we don't punch something? What cures us from this?

    We can go to sleep.

    We have all heard the stories told to us, "Just go to bed and you'll feel better on it." or "Well just sleep on it. Clear your head."

    Sleeping transfers this energy, it gives us dreams.

    It gives us imagination.
  9. the whole mess is only what you make of it my friend.....
  10. No it is not. Human beings have asked the question, why. Why are we here.

    Why are we here is so irrelevant, and does not have to be asked. It is the same as asking how we are here. Hows are explained with observations. We see an event happen, and describe the effect, but most importantly how did this effect happen.

    Our spirit, soul, or conscious (whatever you wish) is an effect of the brain. How did our brain come to be? Through evolutionary steps.

    All we are is a moss growing on a rock, circling in the universe. Just because we realize we are moss, does not mean we are more than moss.
  11. moss capable of love

    when you put love and hate in the equation things differ from just moss on a tree, u have no purpose, come on really, its a world of numbers, 1 place after death, i know my lord, gods own, love is my lord
  12. i personally decided "why" doesnt matter to me at all.....

    what you make of it....it is discribed as what you feel it is correct?

    fuck evolution.... and fuck the brain too!!!! niher one has done me much good? so i dont need ither......

    the fact that we realize it means we can then discribe it....and in doing so we make/force it to (within our minds) conform to what we think it is....

    again it is still all what you make of it....

    and is not the same for each of us.....
  13. take some time to get to know the moss....you may be surprised what it is capable of?

    again...it is not the same for each of us....
    but comes down to how we see it....

    we could each look at the same thing....and each describe it differently.... and none of us be wrong.....
  14. ^Thank you!

    Life has no specific meaning, "we" get to create our own meaning.


    I agree with this notion, but it brings us into a completely different style of philosophy.

    Political philosophy ;)

    If we are on the same page, I feel pretty enlightened right now :laughing:
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    ya, i agree life is what you make of it, freewill, etc, etc, love i think, is the strongest force for good. --its all in your head, its all so cerebral-- call me evil kenevil
  16. well yeah? the way i see it?

    but i cant stand politics.....:(

  17. the POWER is in the PEOPLE and the POLITICS we address

  18. lmfao!!!!!! right....the people have the power to shut up and do as they are told!!!!

    the only political power resides with the money....those with it decide.... those with out comply....
    myself...i stay the fuck out!!!!!

    fuck money
    fuck power
    fuck the world men have created!

  19. If I understood your post correctly, you are saying that after you die then, since energy can't be created nor destroyed, your energy would "linger" around in the form of a spirit.

    But wouldn't your energy transfer to another organism after you die.
    For example. If a an animal eats you then your energy is transfered to said animal.
    Or if you rot, then your energy is transfered to the bacteries that discompossed (spelling?) your body...

  20. It is how I see it. Science tells us how everything works. It is true knowledge. Our conscious is a product of science. Our conscious gives meaning to situations. We can give our own meaning to our conscious.

    Its all about how we can all live together brah, nothing else really matters.

    I guess we're matching? :D :bongin:

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