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Spiritual philosophies adopted from toking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jayjangle, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Have any of you tokers experienced spiritual or possibly even religious experiences from toking? These experiences don't nee to align with established religious practices so much as spiritual experiences.

    For me, I am a fisherman. I keep what is sufficient enough to provide me with a good meal, and if I feel it is too much or little for me, I will release it back into the wild. For any such catch, I will usually say a personal prayer such as "thank you, Water awareness, for this catch. I will enjoy it to its highest extend and will use this creature's remains to either feed the aquaria or bring me more catch."

    This literally never occured until I began catching fish and shellfish, and I felt personal significance in repeating such verse.

    I am not really asking if weed provides a "born again experience" to anyone, but rather, if it opens one's mind to physical and philosophical understanding.
  2. Well there is no way to really answer this question because it is impossible for anyone to go back into time and isolate 1 variable and see how it effects their life. I have had a lot of philosophical revelations and epiphanies that I would like to attribute to cannabis, but then again, some of the greatest philosophers and thinkers of ALL TIME who pondered this shit day in and out and wrote novels on these type of things did not smoke cannabis.
  3. Yes. Cannabis is an introspective tool. That is why we use it.

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