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  1. I hate to make a Thread, about a thread, but in this case I really don't care. Has anyone watched any of those Spirit Science videos on youtube?

    If you haven't I have link to all of them in my sig, but if you have what are your thoughts?

    I've also been reading http://www.dgswilson.com/text/TheFlowerOfLife.pdf
    I'd recommend anyone who is interested in spirituality and philosophy to read it as well.
  2. Yes, excellent. I've downloaded and watched some with my daughter. Little bite-sized moments - good for people with low attention span like teenagers ;)

    She wasn't too struck with the voice and had to let go of being bothered a little by it. They are made with love and good intentions.
  3. ...I have thought about all this stuff independently when Im manic...which I consider to be higher state of consciousness that will not/cannot be accepted in this world...

    From the book
    "The norm is that beings first become aware of several levels at once, like chords in music, until finally, as they grow, they become aware of everything everywhere at once." (in reference to consciousness)

  4. Yes, mania is an interesting state to experience, and the feeling of connection to what feels truly real seems a much higher state of consciousness. For many, such experiences are often linked to its opposite, depression, almost as a consequence or by-product of having it. Nevertheless, to me it seems like this state can bring tremendous spiritual insight, as long as you can remain balanced.
  5. Sometimes I can tap into this unity consciousness and feel a kind of truth resonating with certain ideas like "we are all one." I think i'm discerning truth from illusion with my heart but maybe i'm just tapping into this unity consciousness, like the unity consciousness' truth. But what if what the unity consciousness believes to be the truth isn't actually the real truth? or am i just high and confusing myself

    Btw i can't wait for the next spirit science video, should be next monday. I think that's gonna be the last one for the season.
  6. If it feels like it reveals truth for you, then it's true. If it doesn't then it isn't. Trust your instincts, trust your heart. You'll always know.
  7. Only my opinion, but I think it is completely stupid (And in its own defense, I haven't watched more than 2). Even if some parts are true, there is a reason they use a cartoon figure rather than a human with a scientific background. When we are told something by a cute cartoon we will absorb it easier than by some human scientist.

    Heres a line from ep 2, 10 seconds in. Its the 1st I found on google, but I am sure they are all full of examples.

    "We have been growing more and more dis-harmonic for 13,000 years now, it's in our DNA and its something we are passing through as a species. We are at the end of it though, and we will never be here again."

    Now, if you take that statement and imagine this guy saying it,
    opposed to this guy
    which one would we question and demand to see evidence from?

  8. Lol. People need to stop worrying so much about the source, obviously if the information is from a terrible source avoid it, but a lot of information you won't normally find comes from "uncredible sources"
  9. I completely disagree!! I think its crazy to say forget the source, especially when it took me 10 seconds to find something that didn't sit well with me. I am no expert, but I would guess that no scientist on earth could show that DNA has been programmed for the past 13000 years to create dis-harmony in us, and also tell us it will NEVER happen again. Where did they get this from?? And if that is just 10 seconds, I have to wonder how much other information is "told" to you as science, regardless of evidence.

    I am not here to bash spirit science, you asked for our opinions, I gave mine, if others enjoy spirit science then great, I hope it helps them improve their lives. But just putting the word science after something doesn't make it so.

  10. How are you going to single out that one sentence when I stated clearly after that to avoid obvious bs sources.

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