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  1. if i want to design a growroom using spirial flouro bulbs what is the best way to do it??????
  2. I have tried and tried again with fluoros and they cause nothing but pain! You CAN grow with them but don't. I never took the warnings seriously but now have wasted 6months finding out that I was wrong. I only got 3/4oz from three plants (dried). Now how crap is that! (60w per sq.ft.)
  3. i dont have the money for hps
  4. i had a friend that had 3 plants with like 6 of them bulbs and that worked out fine. Well how many plants are you going to have? I was thinking about starting two plants with 4 spirial bulbs.

  5. got to agree, HPS maybe expensive but for time, quality & quantity you can't beat it. But a budget is..........
  6. i just want to grow 2 plants
  7. give it a go, let us know how you get on ok.
    good luck
  8. i will thanx man

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