spilled really old bong water on my homework

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jack herra, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. So this sucks,just spilled like really old bong water on like 50 pages of homework.

    smells incredebily bad,what should i do?
  2. Do you have a copier?
  3. I'd take it to work and make photo copies personally. Maybe use a copy shop
  4. Haha just hand it in anyway. Watch for the teacher's reaction though!
  5. yeah he can't do jack for the funky smell. dry it and hand it in lol
  6. ya,well thats a pain in the ass.

    also my mom has a all in one thing that has a scanner and shit,but its not set up.

    **edit**ya lol ill probly just hand it in anyways.
  7. lol tell us what he says
  8. just rip out the pages you need and/or what arent just covered with bong water and throw the rest of your notebooks away, or your whole backpack is going to just reek of bong water. if you spilled some on books, idk what to say about it. i was going to say just rewrite your HW or make a photocopy... but handing it in sounds like a better idea.
  9. Wow that really sucks. I would make copies
  10. If you're in HS, you might get busted; bong water would have enough THC (and ash) to be considered 'reasonable' evidence, and could warrant a search. I did it on a college paper once, stained it brown and dank smelling.
  11. lol that would definitely not happen.

    I'm probably just gonna make copies or something.
  12. Yeah, go to Pop Copy and make some copies of it. Lol.
  13. just one more reason to clean your glass afer every use.
    but i remember in high school this happened more than once.
    i always just turned it in though and never had a problem.
    honestly, if you smoke weed and do drugs on the regular, which by reading our posts you do, your teachers know you smoke weed man. just hand it in.
  14. lol ya its almost dried anyways,im just gonna hand it in,
  15. seeing as how THC isnt even water soluble, i doubt it.
  16. if the bong water is that old, it has bits of resin and ash floating around in it I'm sure. I know that our favorite cannaboid isn't water soluble, just givin the guy a word of caution.
  17. This thread was just so hilarious and great it made me sign up for an account to read it!

    nice to meet you guys.
  18. haha when I was in high school I would have been more worried about my eyes being red and squinty and me myself smelling like dank. My first, second and third period teachers deffinatly knew what I was up to :D
  19. Hand it in.

    If anyone asks just calmly say "i spilled my bong on it"

    They should understand

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