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Spiffs > joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JJmatix, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. yuuuuuuuuuup
  2. I always though spliff was just another name for joint
  3. Spliff = Weed and Tobacco.

    Have fun with your cancer OP, I'm off to get stoned twice as fast as you.

  4. I don't smoke tobacco ether other than the occasional cigar but most smokers know it's bad for you and they get sick of hearing it
  5. Doesn't mean he needs to come on here and say it's "better" to put tobacco in, just his opinion.
  6. I don't think he was officially declaring anything...
  7. I don't understand why people mix tobacco and bud, why not smoke a nice joint then smoke cig.

    I am not really a big fan of tobacco but I think its annoying as hell when someone brings up the fact that tobacco causes cancer, we all took 5th grade health class
  8. People also do it to save bud, I personally hate it because I don't smoke tobbacker
  9. I just got some mids for precisely this reason.
  10. nooooope
  11. Spliffs are a good 'launchpad', it's nice to burn one before you start ripping bongs. And also good to finish on because of the nice boost tobacco gives to a high.
  12. exactly. If I want to roll a bunch of joints, or big fat joints, and don't want it to be all good bud, I'll use a little mids/regs as filler

    thats the only thing mids/regs are good for. joint filler and edibles lol
  13. [quote name='"MyOldBongWater"']Spliffs are a good 'launchpad', it's nice to burn one before you start ripping bongs. And also good to finish on because of the nice boost tobacco gives to a high.[/quote]

    I know I love the little high tobacco adds but I hate the taste of it that's why I part 1 part tobacco 3 parts bud feels bomb and burns great
  14. naa man joints r better
    full weed > weed + tobacco
    i only smoke spliffs cuz im broke when i get money im never smoking tobacco again
  15. youd be better off adding some other combustible material than tobacco.
  16. I can understand cigarette hate, all those additives. What if you use some organic, quality tobacco. Any difference to you all?

    If tobacco gives a lil boost to the high, and you are saving a little weed then why not. I'd probably down with spliffs if I grew up with them around.

  17. lol he didn't say shit except 'yuuuuuuup' ?
  18. Where I'm from, almost everybody mixes his herb with tobacco.
    Personally I like the taste of some tobacco together with my weed and it always gets me nice and stoned.
    I also think a "pure weed joint" scratches my troath more.

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