spiders ?

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  1. how do i get rid of wht looks like tiny spiders on one of my plants ? can they harm it in anyway ?
  2. Are they spider mites?
    Do they look like this [​IMG]?
    Is there webbing on the leaf?
    Any discernible leaf damage (yellow spots)?

    Spider mites usually hang out on the undersides of the leaves, in really bad infestations they cover everything with webbing.

    If they are spider mites then you need to either use a pyrethrin type insecticide which disrupts the insect nervous system or if your running an organic grow try an essential oil spray, like a liquid lady bug or cx hydroponics spotless which can also disrupt the nervous system (as well as many other things in insects) but either way you are going to have to stay on top of the infestation for a while.

  3. yes theres webbing and yellow spots on leaves thanx for info !
  4. webbing is very bad
  5. I agree webbing means you have an infestation for sure.
    If you are in flower I would suggest using only essential oils (which I know won't solve the problem long term but I personally don't risk chemicals during that stage of growth). If possible (meaning you can empty your room) bomb the area with a pyrethrin based insecticide that contains an insect growth regulator, this will cause any eggs to hatch as sterile adults preventing further generations. But again I personally only use chemicals during veg. There are many posts concerning spidermites so check those out too!

  6. make sure you have a strong fan on your plants at all times...spidemites dont like breezes..also dont wear your shoes in your grow room and dont have any potted plants in your house
  7. well looks like ive gotten rid of the spider mites blew my plants off wth an air hose and hung a hot shot no pest strip in my grow closet dont anymore of the little buggers crawlin around and no new webbing thanx for all the info saved my girls !
  8. Try not to breathe too much around the Hot Shot strip. They are not meant for areas where people spend any long amount of time, such as inside a house or apartment. Some people won't use them during flowering because they are so toxic.
  9. think maybe i should take them out ? im pretty sure ive eliminated all the mites they're just starting to bud abt 2 1/2 weeks into flowering
  10. Use a safe product like Spotless where you can spray your plants down everyday all the way to harvest with no side effects. I grow organically and had a bad mite problem, started using this stuff and never stopped, i prolly dont even have mites and i still spray um' down haha!

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