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    last night, my friends and i were completely and unbelievably high. we were driving in the car and everything kept moving in slow motion, i could barely hear what people were saying. then, the kid next to me says that i have the spiders, and that the way i was shivering ( i didnt notice that i was shivering) told him that i was gonna start seeing spiders on my body soon. I never saw any spiders, but everyone else was CONVINCED that there were spiders on me.

    Has this ever happened to anyone before? what exactly are "spiders"? and is this normal behavior for someone high on just weed, or was my weed laced with something?

    Edit: What have people tried to trick you with when you were high? Or, what did you trick people about?
  2. Lol, Maybe they were all in on it and trying to trick you.
  3. The fancy name for this is "Psychogenic tremor".
    Its common, harmless, and does not mean your weed was laced.

  4. i used to be convinced that spiderwebs were always on me it suckeddd
  5. They were trying to freak you out.
    Ive dont it to people before.

  6. hah thats the wierdiest fellin
  7. I smoked with this dude who's only smoked once before and convinced him that it was laced with PCP. He was so high. I felt like a dick but it was pretty comical. It was payback for him trying to convince me that Nickelback is one of the most important bands of our time for 20 minutes.

  8. During the summer when I smoke in my shed, I need to walk through my backyard to get to it. There's about 6 feet between my pool and the fence and I always walk into fucking spiderwebs.


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