Spiders : Destroy or Let live

Discussion in 'General' started by PipeDude, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Alright GC, so while i was smoking a bowl outside in this fine morning, I was wandering around barefoot on my porch and then saw what had to have been a 2 inch spider dangling under a chair i was sitting on. Now at that point, I'm like fuckkkk, the thing is disgusting as fuck. It however could not be allowed to live, which at that point i then proceeded to destroy it with a cup that was outside. My question to you is your thoughts on spiders in our environment or whether they should all be destroyed?
  2. Well no, certainly I don't think we should destroy all spiders. :hide:

    If they're outside, I'll pretty much always let them live.

    If they're inside my house, that's a different story and it really depends on the spider. :p

    The big, hairy, creepy, brown ones die on the spot. Squish first, ask questions later.

    The smaller garden spiders and what not, I'll usually just take them outside.
    Unless they try to drop down in front of my face and give me a heart attack, then I might kill them. ;)

    Spiders and I... we have a complicated relationship. :poke:
  3. Spiders.........making grown men sceam for centuries:D
  4. I only have 2 reasons why I would kill a spider:

    1. It's a black widow, fuck those fucking fuckers *shudder*
    2. it does not fit in the tupperware selected for his capture and eventual release.
  5. I hate spiders as much as the other guy, but I don't see a point in ever killing them. Usually I'll scoop them into something and throw them outside.

    True story: If all spiders in the world ceased to exist suddenly, humanity would be extinct in an estimated 4 years do to infestation of insects, and the spread of disease. Not that one or two spiders makes any difference, but point is they have a reason for being here as much as anything else.

    I make it a point not to kill anything on purpose, though slapping mosquito's is next to impossible to avoid.
  6. You've had to experience spiders larger than cream cheese containers??
    Ugh spiders. I try to ignore them. But when they disappear all of a sudden I get pretty anxious about where they'll show up again i.e. in my mouth while I'm sleeping O_O
  7. I don't mind spiders. The ones i get in my house every now and again are harmless and probably get ride of a few more annoying insects :D.

    but if you creep under my stomach when im 13 and playing tony hawk pro skater.. its lights out! lol scared me shitless haha and can still remember.
  8. Die, Die, kill them all!

  9. hell no haha thank god for that. but if I ever do encounter one...


    WOOOSSSHHHHHH!!!! (thats how fire sounds)
  10. Only scary spiders die.

    I decide if i can develop a friendship with them and maybe let them live in my room.

    If they go in my room i name them.

    If i dont like them i squish them.
  11. most of the time if i see a spider i go all vietnam vet and murk it. but i dont mess with them if theyre not in my house.
  12. Would you like for someone to just come and squash you while you're trying walk?
  13. If my girlfriend isn't home, I bring them outside. Spiders don't bother me. But if my girlfriend is home, they go in her bathroom :devious:
  14. i see what you did there. :ey:

  15. no i would not. but im much more worried about anything other then the life of a spider.
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    I treat spiders as I do my fellow man. If I'm walking down the street and I see you, we're cool. If it's the middle of the night and you've broken into my house, you're dead fucker. :devious:
  17. depends how scary it looks, how fast it moves, and if/how quickly it is approaching me
  18. Im at war with spiders no joke, they all die. Ever sincea black widow bit me Its GAME TIME as soon as I see one.
  19. I can't bring myself to kill anything.. plants, bugs, animals. Just isn't in my nature..

    But I have killed bugs before because I wanted them out of my room :(
    I always feel bad about it though. I end up thinking about it forever lol :(

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