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  1. Whats the best results to eliminate spidermites?
  2. Had good luck with SNS.
  3. spray with neem oil every few days or so, and let off a few pyrethrum foggers. make sure you keep your room clean! cleanliness is key.

    using neem cake as a soil ammendment is by far the best method.

    i dont want to hate malibugym, but SNS (sierra natural science) sucks. i am familiar with the product, just another thing for people to spend their money on.
  4. ohio state blows. and I'm just saying sns worked for me 3 weeks into flowering. I mean the object was to get rid of mites right? I only used to small spritzer bottles, $10ea. so I hate me if you want, I would spread fucking tuna fish on the leaves if it worked.
  5. calm your horses down there, cowboy. i left out a comma. "i dont mean to hate , malibugym," is what it should have read.

    so you think ohio state blows, huh? where have you been to seek out higher education? funny how a typo can bring out somebodies true colors...

    and im just saying your mites will probablly come back eventually, cause that stuff isnt very good.
  6. use that stuff Miteywash n they wont come back.
  7. OSU gets rep. from me!! He knows alot! Ive had great success with Liquid Ladybug, its top dollar but 100% safe organic from clone to harvest. No bad after taste like neem oil!
    Also as long as they dont colonize in your buds and they are not a infestation just there when you harvest 2 or 3 days before I shower them off under hose complete rinse, then when you hang them to dry they will instinctively climb to top of stems onto dry lines and out of area. So I put sticky tape on top of stems and at the ends of dry lines to trap them on escape!! Most will leave as buds dry!
  8. Has anyone tried the product SAFE? If yes how's the outcome
  9. [quote name='"Juan678"']Has anyone tried the product SAFE? If yes how's the outcome[/quote]

    No sorry.

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