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  1. Can anyone recomend any spray etc which WILL kill of a spidermite problem? I need replies soonest.
    Many thanks
  2. many thanks critter! will let you know how i get on, better go get some!
  3. HIGH All, how is every thing growing mcurry? Did you eradicate those little Bastards? Let us know how you are making out.
  4. Mites certainly suck.....nasty little shits...

  5. Yes! I have now got rid of the little shits! So I am back on track for a good harvest, I have taken pics of both the outdoor crop and the indoor (SOG), I will post them once developed, can't risk getting them processed just now, will have to wait until harvest time.
    But they are all ok now, outside crop is 14 x Durban, 1 x Early Pearl. Inside there are 4 x Mazar growing as SOG.
  6. keep on the lookout though for hatching eggs...

    Keep us posted...on the sog....grow well...

  7. Thanks, i will....

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