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  1. Help!
    Got clones from unknown source. Now after 1 week realized they have mites!! What is the best way to get rid of them? I have taken out the really effected ones and sprayed all the others with soapy water...will this be good enough? Do they live in the soil?
    Helllp! Poor babies :(

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  2. dunk em in azamax..i water with it till week 4 and since its systemic from the neem no bugs for me =)
  3. Right on! Do u just get that from any grow shop or??
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    Yea its kinda expensive but a small bottle lasts a while if you dont have many plants..first i bought the spray bottle with 10 vials of 2ml each but then i just got the small bottle and use 2ml per 16oz water of that for spraying and 1oz per plant for soil drench..the drench isnt really necessary unless u have fungus nats..spraying the leaves will take it into the plant the same but i still drench once at 4 weeks flower so it will last to harvest...seems to work well as a preventative as all my friends have mites and thrips but i havent had anything so far this round (knock on wood)
  5. So I'm wondering if anyone has heard if using rubbing alcohol is a spray and to clean leaves? I'm really interested in trying to stay organic...if this doesn't work then obviously I have to go for something like azamax...
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    azamax ive heard works well, although ive never used it. I use organic soap and neem oil cold unpressed. 1 tsp of each per litre, spray under sides of leaves and stems and soil (if your using soil) Mighty wash works well to if its available to you.
  7. azamax or other extracts of neem oil will not work as well as neem oil itself... they only contain one insecticide/arachnicide compound, azadirachtin, which is one of over a dozen compounds in neem that destroys insects... an antifeedant at that.

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