Spider Mites, White Flies and PH Problem

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  1. It’s been a rough week. I’ve been battling all three issues. First off, I’m using an insecticidal soap for the insects. Found out you just can’t go out and buy Neem Oil in Canada. I do have some coming Tues from Amazon. My PH is running a consistent 7+ and I have to bring it down every day. Problem with that is that the soil doesn’t get a chance to dry out and that has me worried. Now this morning I’ve noticed some burning on the tips. I’m completely lost and about to give up. This has been an outdoor grow but I’m going to have to take it indoors at night soon before the weather gets real bad. Any help would be appreciated thanks

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  2. Is it indoor? You can order some predators to get rid, and control the problem. Cost me a bit shipping the bugs, but the bugs themselves are cheap.
    I got mine from here: Natural Insect Control, NIC specializes in Canadian Beneficial Nematodes, grub control, Beneficial Insects, good bugs to control bad bugs. Organic, environment friendly products for home, garden, orchard and farm.
    They are a Canadian company.
    If they are still in veg, keep spraying, add the neem when it comes in. Don't overdo it with the neem+soap, and you should test neem oil on a small area of your skin to make sure you are not allergic to it, since this could cause you a lot of hardship (if you are allergic).
  3. You can also flush the soil with a dilute hydrogen peroxide solution... bugs no like that ;)
  4. I as well was struggling with , what I believe were aphids. I used "safers end-all and I haven't seen bugs in over a week.
    As per my pic below, all my plants are doing this. Cal mag didnt work. Feeding schedule is pretty consistent. My well water is high on the ph scale (7+).
    Was told that growing in soil, one need not worry about slight adjustments in soil?
    Would like to know in regards to ph as well in soil mediums.
    Best of luck too you 20190825_144123.jpg 20190830_163441.jpg

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  5. Don't give up man, I definitely learned this year that overwatering is way worse than under watering. Have they been fed regularly?

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  6. Yes they have. What do I do about the soul not drying
  7. I've been told on other forums to not worry so much with outdoor grows in soil in regards to slight ph issues. I was watering too much with ph - and it hurt my plants. I went back to basic watering. 2x a week with one being a feeding.
    I would really like more advice as well in regards to ph minor relevance in an outdoor dirt grow.

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  8. This is a clone gc that has had way less attention than my other plants and it seems to like me not bothering it lol.
    Same dirt, same water 20190831_162352.jpg

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  9. I’m just going to let it dry out. Was just next door talking to my neighbor and his plants are about 6’ tall and healthy. He’s bring over some Neem oil for me this afternoon. I only found out today that his plants have won awards locally.

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