spider mites on transplanted clones

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  1. hey everybody,this is my first time using this so bare with me..anyways, i got some clones outdoor in 1 gallon pots with FOXFARMhappyfrog soil(bubba kush, platinum og, dreamqueen) and i will transplant into a raised bed them once theyre rooted enough.i recently noticed a few mites and eggs on a few of the baby clone's leaves.:eek:
    i got some "DYNA GRO Neem Oil" and i wanted to know how often i could apply the product in a spray form (it says 2 - 4 weeks,but ive heard different).
    Also,ive heard i could pour the 'just mixed' solution into the pots and do this once a month with every watering?..
    please give me ur advice,id GREATLY appreciate it.i hate spidermites!!!:mad:
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    u dont wanna water with it, it tells u on the bottle how to mix it, u mix it with a little bit of dish soap to emulsify it. mix with 1/2 the water u use with warm water that way it dissolves faster, then mix the other half with cold (1 gal= 1/2gal warm+1/2gal cold) then spray it on, get the under sides of the leaves too, dont spray ur plants while there in direct sunlight. and i do believe mites gestation period is every 3 days, so spray every 3 days for 2 weeks.
    if by the second spray ur still see'n them and there multiplying get a poison cuz they are tolorent...i hope this helps good luck
  3. awesome.they seem to be disapearing now but a few of the clones that i had werent even really rooted or big enough to spray i think.the club i got them from is pretty new and theyre selection was :confused_2:..
    anyways,after sprayin them once the new fan leaves stared crispin on the edges and the newly forming leaves started wilting,i might end up takin it as a loss tho.the rest of the babys are doin just fine,no bugs!!(oaksterdam clones)
    also if anybody here is in northern cali,whens the best time window to throw these lil guys outside??
    mine are already out there but i jus wanted to see if anybody had an idea.
    i dont mind bringin em inside to veg a lil bit.

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