Spider mites! :O

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  1. So ive been veggins some clones for a few weeks now and i noticed spider mites on 1 of them today. I attempted to wash it and left in outside instead of in my grow box. I first noticed the mites on a watermelon plant i have outside so i guess the must moved into my grow box. Any advice on getting rid of these guys?
  2. Dilute Dawn liquid dish soap with water 1:100. Spray your plants once a week. I've used it and saw a drastic reduction in the first 2 applications. You can also add a part (1:100) of any cooking oil to the mix also. It'd be wise to spray right before your lights turned off.

    Other than that, you can go to a hydro store and ask them. They'll have organic pesticides for spider mites.
  3. You can spray and wipe down with a little dish soap but make sure you do it every three days ... I would Oder some neem oil and spray them down... Also go on eBay and order avid ec just incase come back. Also a hot shot no peat strip from any major store ( Walmart, Bimart, lowes) and place in box ... This will prevent from coming back in. Also eBay ( floramite, forbid, ect..). Safer soap would be a cheap fix as well tell you can get a good miticide in.
  4. Okay i washed it with dish soap and will hopefully be picking up some neem oil and stopping by the hydroponics store tomorrow

    Edit: After washing I didn't see any more mites but so hopefully that's a good sign. I"m gonna continue keep it separate for a while just in case.
  5. get some safers soap and spray it.....wait 20 min.....get some neem (not einstein oil) and mix with water and mint. Spray plant.
  6. Einstein is neem oil... Lol and it's top rated !
  7. Neem works well but it's better used as a preventative than a reactive, because it takes awhile to effect the bugs. Spinosad works awesome, kills em dead fast and it's organic. Personally I mix Spinosad, neem and a wetting agent and spray my plants weekly until the last month before harvest. Haven't seem a spider mite in years.

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