Spider Mites in week 7 of flower...

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  1. Hey guys, i was just doing a nightly inspection on my 48 plants and noticed a web on my most beautiful bud in the room (just a bit smaller than a 2 liter bottle). Upon closer inspection i could see a bunch of the little fuckers running around on the plant. I sprayed everything down with mighty wash (its pretty much 99.875% pure water, it can be used up untill the day of harvest) but i was wondering what i should do? Should i chop early? its supposed to be an 8 week strain, but these ratings on the strains seem to always take way longer for it to be ready. Is there anything i could use on the plants to keep the little bastards down untill harvest? I can't use an air conditioner to keep temps low because the room is solid concrete, and my only vent is being used by my 8 inch ventilation fan with my carbon scrubber. Any advice will be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. bump for suggestions...
  3. You can try to flood them with C02. but its expencive and hard because you have to seal off everything. But since your in flowering... im not sure what to sugest. The only hing that is coming to mind is Neem oil... but thats jus a foliar spray for veg... Good Luck Brotha!
  4. That sounds a little better^ xD
  5. [quote name='"Younggungrower"']That sounds a little better^ xD[/quote]

    I got some azamax, it claims it can ve sprayed the day of harvest. I dont really need to kill the little bastards, just really keep them at a minimum untill harvest. I will post my results
  6. Good luck brotha. Happy Smoking!
  7. well i sprayed the azamax last night. I was really pleased that after spraying the mighty wash, only about 1 out of every 8-10 mites were still alive. For this stuff being 99.99 % water it seems to be pretty good at killing mites. There are still lots of eggs that need to be taken care of. I plan on spraying mighty wash under the leaves for the next 3-4 days, and then i am just gonna try and ride it out from there. Things are starting to look a little bit better.
  8. throw the azamax out the window
  9. [quote name='"chri3715"']throw the azamax out the window[/quote]

  10. Is there something wrong with azamax? I have a similar thread going right now, and somebody just suggested it..
  11. I would suggest the mighty wash as well. it seems to have worked pretty well at killing about 90 % of the mites so far, (they actually get blown right in half, its really gratifying watching it in the microscope)

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