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  1. So I got spider mites it hasn't gotten bad yet but I'm using a organic spray. My partner says we shouldn't use it when the lights are on that it will burn them. Does anyone else know anything abut this? Heres a pic of the spray I'm using. Thanks! 1371026018290.jpg

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  2. Some years ago the buzz word ORGANIC became the new name to have in gardening, clean, fresh, bright, new, as seen on tv, and all the other buzz words that we have become emotional unattached too.
    The contents of this bug killer is canola oil (soy) and Pyrethuim (flyspray) so is technically organic, but as an Mj grower you can do better, and be organic, in your grow, then into your life, and is a great way to be, ie Chemical free, but as killing bugs go, I prefer Neem Oil, applied 1x time per month, regardless, not to close to harvest though, as is an acquired taste ..
    To your post
    Apply when lights are off, you may risk mold developing, in the dark humid grow room?...Then leave the extract fan on overnight!
    Apply when lights are on, and risk burning the leaves? ...Apply first thing when the lights come on, it will still take 15-20 minutes for most HPS light to reach potential, or just raise the lights ............either way I'd go with what I trust that be Neem Oil
  3. I 2nd Vostoks opinion
  4. Neem can leave a nasty flavor on your buds! I go with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap! 
    You just rinse the soap off the next day with tepid water! No nasty neem flavor to be left on your buds! It is also a good face soap! Dr. Bronner's Soaps are in many markets and most health food stores. It is also available online!

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