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spider mites during flowering

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by DonBlaze28, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Im starting to get spider mites on my bottom leaves and im 6 weeks into flowering. Its not bad, but im not sure what to do. I know i cant spray my buds withh bug spray!
  2. I`m getting ready to switch from soil to a DWC set up but I had spider mites one time about a month or so from finishing so I had to get rid of them fast so I used some Azamax and some Hot Shot No Pest strips. I did a soil drench with the Aazamax then about 3/4 of a week later did a foilier spray. Within a week and half to two weeks they were gone, it did burn the leaves a little but to me it was better to have some burned leaves then bug infested buds. None of us tasted it in the bud at all but it was a soil grow. Azamax claims its safe to use on fruit and veggy plants right upto the day of harvest.
  3. Ahhhhh nevermind folks, i just cut the leaves with a lot of mites on em. They will be finish in a matter of weeks so i should be cool.
  4. no... its not cool.... you have mites man... you wanna smoke those?

    listen to the previous poster... correct the problem.. it will get worse before it gets better

    just avoid fog bombs...
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    I have azatrol is it safe to spray that on em? I hhave some decent sized buds on it. The mites are on on the bottom. Thanx AGAIN!
  6. mites hang on the bottom... thats where they make their home... this is why its hard to spot them..

    dunno about the chemical your talking about... but i'd get some hot shot no pest strips on the quick... home depot might be open
  7. http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-marijuana-growing/549511-anyone-use-azatrol.html

    this thread says its ok.. but with a short internet search i've seen some reports not to use it during later flower...

    neem oil was mentioned.. also found at home depot...

    i could do this all day... but I have things to do... just fix it bro...now... pests should be removed two weeks before the finish of a harvest to ensure your not smoking them

    good luck
  8. I just got rid of my spider mites did some pruning on the lower leaves to remove the most infested and sprayed with a solution that I actually found on here it is 5tsp of neem oil mix with 1 gallon of fresh water distilled or filtered either way also added some ivory soap (99.9) soap which is used as a sticker to the plant the neem works it biodegrades of about 2 week so application is suggested.
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    Im on it thanx. When i said "on the bottom," i meant that the mites are only on the lower level of the plant. Whatever the case, they'll be gone later! Appreciate ya!
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    Yeah, i also pruned some lower leaves. That seemed to be the only place they were at.
  11. pruning orks well to keep #s down but it won't get rid of them. when you chop ur plants don't hang in ur room the mites immediately head towards the top where its hanging they will gather there looking for fresh plant material . use tangle foot on the string u hang from and they get stuck then I usually flash burn them with a torch before taking down dried material . the mites will ride wind currents and spin webs to try to get to a live plant. raise ur humidity above 70% for a week or 2 to break life cycle. you can use sprays on infested buds but try to keep contact with bud hairs to a min they will burn. I've used end all by safer 2 weeks before harvest with no taste or apparent harm. its a good Idea to spray and then the next day spray with just water to remove any residuals.
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    Even though im in week 6 of flowering should i still raise humidity?
  13. Don,
    Even though you have a small amount of spider mites, they will multiply like no other dude... People use like soapy water...but that doesnt last but like a day... get some organic stuff...!!:p

  14. i'm in 70 + humidity no mites just watch for mold
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    Thanx sage. Ive zipped up my tent, and turned off my exhaust. Its humid as f**k in there now.
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    I used to always keep humidity up by keeping tent zipped, with no exhaust during lights out. I recently started exhausting the humid air out and thats when the mites came! So should i keep humidity up until im ready to pull em? Also how do i notice mold in the buds?
  17. DonBlaze,

    Although I grow in organic soil, I have found a good solution that was developed by another member here (LD).

    If you can get a hold of some dried lavender flowers, strip the flowers and leaves from the stems and put into a quart canning jar (or something similar). Bring a quart of water to a boil, and pull off the stove and let cool for a minute or two, then pour over the lavender to create a tea.

    When the tea is steeped and back to room temperature, use this tea at a rate of 1/4 cup per gallon/water and spray the shit outta your plants. Drench them completely until they are drooping. Do it right before lights out and when the lights come on in the morning, the plants will pick back up and be fine.

    There is a lot of information on here and Google on lavender as a miticide and a fungicide. There is a study that was done that showed lavender even caused mite eggs to "explode". And it is entirely safe to use and won't hurt the taste or smell of the flowers.

    LD has been researching different lavender cultivars and there are some that are even stronger and more potent than the English/French cultivars.

    You can get enough of the flowers at Whole Foods for about 2 bucks, and it's 44 bucks a pound at our Whole Foods, so it's a cheap. effective solution. Don't worry if it gets in your reservoir either as we've even drenched clones in soil and had a growth burst the next day.

    Hope this helps, and if you decide to try it, post your results so others can benefit.


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    Thanx a lot chunk. I am most definitely going to implement the lavender into what i have going on. I am reeeeally beginning to lean towards strictly organic anyways. I prefer hydro to dirt, so ill probably be one of the few running organics in hydro. I just won a big ass box of organic nutes from the hydro store and per the directions, it says that i can use them in dro. Its calld nectar for the gods. Again, thanx a lot. Theres a flower nursery around the corner so i can get lavender there. If u have any links, or info about organics in hydroponics it would be greatly appreciated if u can share with me.
  19. that will slow those fer's down to a crawl. watch for mold intently!
  20. im trying this method right now i will check back when i have tried the method

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