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Discussion in 'General' started by Elgen, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Okay I accidently posted this in the grow forum earlier and it was just brought to my attention. I bought some weed that taste like shit and I was wondering if there was anyway to give it a better flavor without killing to much of the high. I had an idea od drying out mint leaves and grinding them up with the weed in an herb grinder, would that work or would it totally kill it? Let me know on your input.
  2. when you think your weed tastes shitty, smoke some weed that's been stashed in an unwashed permanent marker. After that, you'll never taste bad weed again.

    *edit* on a more helpful note, you could put and orange peel in with your weed. That should help at least a bit.
  3. yeah, the orange peel trick...but dont leave it on there too too long, cause you could get mold on your jane.
  4. Theres this shit thats like Tobbaco flavoring thing.

    Its comes in a small small bottle, It had a little dropper on it. Comes in like 25 flavors now. Strawberry, Blueberry to some not so obvious flavors.

    Ive smoked the blue berry stuff before.

    I know a dude who used it on his weed before he 'gave' it away.

    He mad money because it smelt like strong blueberrys and tasted amazing.

    Taste good.

    Could help you.
  5. yeah, ive heard of this stuff. might test it out one of these days on some stress.
  6. Thanks guys, I like the orange peel idea. About how long should I leave the peel in the bag with my weed?
  7. an hour or two.
  8. Orange peel wont get ya the strong flavor like i suggested.

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