Sperm donations?

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  1. I don't understand the concept, what logical reasons move males to donate sperm. Why would a healthy, fit, educated and rich man go through a humiliating and degrading process in order to dilute his seed with inferior genetics that otherwise would be naturally discarded and that is so the child could grow and at the age of 18 contact him?
  2. If you're gonna jack it might as well get paid. If I understand how the sperm bank works..
  3. There is a LOT of things you have to pass before you can donate. I believe you have to be a certain height, made it a so far in school, and a ton of other shit; I seen it on MANswers though, so don't quote me :D .

    They had a guy they were interviewing (MANswers) and he claimed he lived off the shit, selling it every few weeks. He traveled, had a car, and a pretty sweet place.

    It'd be odd as hell if you donated and 17 years later ran into someone who looked JUST like you... That "what if" would kill me.
  4. I just think that women need to be foxy and if they hit THAT age and don't have someone I'm sure they could find some younger male who would gladly make the "donation"
  5. Agreed. Any situation that requires donated sperm can be better solved by adopting
  6. I saw a show on TV where a guy always donated sperm and had like 57 kids and he went to see all of them
  7. still waiting for the day to get payed to bust in a cup bro.

    still waiting...
  8. Sperm banks are generally very confidential as to keep any donors from ever contacting their offspring, or vice versa.
  9. "your dad got payed to ejaculate in a cup"

    that'd be sick to hear.
  10. To get paid for get a handy from the hot receptionist at the sperm bank.
  11. Yeah , I think its sad when the kids look for their sperm donors
  12. if you're over 6 ft tall, got a degree in college, and be rich of course to be able to be a sperm donor, they don't want no retards who dropped out of high school making dumb babies.
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    AI isn't just because a girl wasn't "foxy" enough in her life. It treats certain types of infertility and some women for whatever reason, would whole-heartedly rather be a single mom but don't want to sleep with some random guy to do it. Whether that is because it would make them feel "dirty" in a sense, or because they want to totally, 100%, eliminate any possible ties to a father... is up to their discretion.

    Also, masturbate=money. Sounds good to me. As someone else said, there are a ridiculous amount of prerequisites to actually qualify as a donor. Then if you pass all of those, they are very strict with your personal jack-off schedule. But make no mistake, you can make some big bucks.

    And if someone thinks their DNA is so elitist and above all else that they spit at the thought of giving it charitably to a woman who may suffer from certain infertilities or even STDs (Prohibiting said woman from getting anyone interested in fertilizing her), then they shouldn't be alive.

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  14. Cant you make bank from donating?

  15. lol!!1!1!!!! laughing so hard~!!!
  16. I mean come on......

    They're paying you to jerk off.

    Who's in????

    I am.

  17. But why would someone else profit off your semen? I am all for giving it charitably to women it just seems a bit barbaric to pick the dad without even giving him the opportunity to convey some personality when there are a lot of perfectly healthy children waiting for adoption.

    But I guess women who use fertilization programs get what's coming to them in the end when they get an unhealthy baby just because you can't fool nature.
  18. I definitely agree with you, but some people feel the need to have their own kids, that come from their genes.

    But honestly, if i could convince my boyfriend that we should, I would adopt a down syndrome or autistic kid in a heartbeat (but he's one of those that wants his kid to come from his own seed...i really don't get that, I can get maternal toward anything)
  19. And then those women give their unhealthy babies up for adoption, because they paid good money for high quality sperm and want a high quality child to come from it

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