sperm banks

Discussion in 'General' started by yellow bic, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. i aint gonna lie dude, im straight hurtin for cash right now hah

    has anyone ever "donated" to a sperm bank........i dono if ill ever do it, but i here they pay you haha
  2. "so how much will we be getting paid for our sperm"

    "50 dollars"

    "ha! i could have bought a house!"

    jimmy kimmel on the manshow

    haha i found that episode to be fuckin hilarious
  3. It seems like a pretty easy way to make some pocket money even if you are not broke. If you are doing it anyways then why not I suppose. The main thing stopping me from ever doing it is running into a little kid that looks just like me in a few years. That would be creepy. Also, Im not sure if the world needs anymore drunken irishmen genes spread around. There are already plenty of us causing enough trouble.
  4. Here Here hahaha..

    But, a buddy a mine was paid $135 bucks for two seperate samples..im not sure how big a 'sample' is though..lol
  5. hahaha ya i have seen that episode

    its fuckin funny hah......to think of the things i could of bought ...

    damn 135 for 2 seprate samples lol, shit i could have one hell of a weekend with 135 lol

    so has anyone here actually done it themselves? if they pay that much, then sign me up hah :smoke:
  6. Be warned.

    Not that I've tried it, but you have to refrain from sex and masturbation for week long periods, and they only pay you after you've delivered something like six or seven samples over the course of three months.
  7. they would love me,,, after all dont women want a blonde hair blue eyed baby,,, thats what i throw,,,, hair so blonde its white,,,

    allthough i wonder if my man skills are fine tuned enough to,,, talk the secretary in '' helping'' me milk the lizard,,,:D
  8. ... I would do it for sure.. the more me's the better! But, we are all forgetting the fact that they wouldnt take sperm that comes froma pot smoker.. they test it for THC and throw it out if it tests positive.

  9. well im still in,,, i been clean for a while,,,, wheres that secretary at ?:p
  10. the nurse would be pretty pissed off if she found out she wasted all that time
    'obtaining the sample" when it was contaminated with THC... ha ha

  11. carefull chicken havent you ever seen roadtrip ?
  12. shit she may get a sample for her job... and give me her #,,,, and get a personal sample for herself,,,:D
  13. I've thought about doing this, but I don't think there's any sperm banks around where I live.

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