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spending 110 on green need some help on weight

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brownj, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. so me and my buddy have been sober from cannabis for about a month or two each so were playin on buying about 110$ worth of some of the best weed u can get....

    i would like to ask yall if yall could list the weed and the proper weight i should get for 110$

    please and thanks ahead of time!
  2. That would be at least a quarter (7g) around here, of dank.
  3. i live in jacksonville i had one ofmy dealers offer me 1/2 onze of some kryp would that be a fair deal
  4. an o of mids maybe a little better around here.
  5. if its forreal kryp (or any other heads) than hell yeah thats a good deal for 110.

    sounds questionable though. a little on the cheap side.
  6. Get a quarter of some fine ass weed. That 7 g's of the best you can find.
  7. could u include the name of the green so i could mention it to my dealer to see if hes heard of it before
  8. in ATL that will get you about 5.5 grams of granddaddy purp.
  9. Where in Jacksonville do you live? I've never heard of headies going for 110 a half ounce. You usually get about half that here for that price (usually a quat runs $100).
  10. You can get a half ounce of boom shit if you're in Canada
  11. well i did pay 65$ for bout a 1/2 oz of some pretty dank shit but i live near jacksonville in the green cove area but we get some dank shit out here pretty cheap
  12. well around herei could get a quarter or so of dank probably could find an O of mids for that. but shit like that varies from place to place.
  13. this shouldn't be in the seasoned tokers section.

    around where I'm at, 110 can only get you a quad, although its usually the best shit around, but you wouldn't be looking at more than a quad of dank.
  14. should be in apprentice section
  15. Dude, did you really need to post this twice?
    It's in the wrong section and you already got your answer.

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