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  1. Is there any way to speed up the flowering phase? Im ready to be done with this dro grow Im doing, and Im about 4wks away from harvest. How can I speed it up?
  2. Patience grasshopper!..let em do their thing..Just like nature..
    m2cents again..

  3. Its not a matter of patience, its a matter of this bud plant turned into a tree in my closet, and Its over growing my space. Its FULL of beautiful colas, its just way too big, and its over crowding my other plant, thats not that big. Is it ok to at least trim the lower branches with the popcorn bud on them? Ive never grown in hydro before, and I wasnt ready for the ridiculous results you get from it.
  4. I trim bottom 30%. It doesn't get much light and just ends up being a fluff ball when dry. Plus it moves the energy used to grow those lower buds to ur colas.

    BTW welcome to hydroponics my friend. The results are explosive.
  5. Too dry of humidity (30% or lower), can sometimes cause the buds to dry too fast, and make them crispy and crunchy.
  6. Trim the bottom 30% of branches.

  7. It wont make my girl hermie?

    My rh stays around 45 - 55, depending on how often I blast her with co2. Ive noticed that the rh goes up when the co2 goes off, and gradually goes down to 45, then does it all over again, 12 times a day for 15 mins at a time.
  8. [quote name='"SkunkyBrains"']

    It wont make my girl hermie?

    You trim on the first week of switching to 12/12. And not all at the same time. I did it in 2 parts. This helps lessen the stress induced. More important if u want to lower the chance of hermies, keep ur environment constant. Light stress causes most hermies.

  9. On the subject of light stress, if my timer fcked up, and didnt turn my light off after 12hrs, and the light ended up being on for 4 extra hours. Is it probably gonna hermie now?
  10. Not 100%. If it happened once then ur ok. Now the question is when did this happen? First week of flower? 3rd?

  11. It happened this morning, 5th week of flowering. Im fcking trippin out over this, cuz I have another plant in there with her, that I REALLY REALLY REALLY dont want to hermie. The issue at the moment is that my 1kw hps bulb burned out on saturday night, 4 weeks to the day that its been in use, and is under warranty. The dickweeds at the store I got it from said I couldnt swap it out til today cuz the manager wouldnt be in til today, so I set up my 400w hps for the time being. So They had an extended dark period of 24hrs, then I turned my 400w on. I guess the timer got switched to "on" instead of "timer" somehow, cuz its supposed to go off at 5am, but was on til 9am this morning. Theres lots of big colas with fat frosty buds, but do you think I screwed them up?
  12. U will be ok. I would probably give them a dark period

  13. They are back on track tonight. I turned the light on at 5, and reset my timer. So they got a 8hr dark period today, and are now back on track. If it hermies I guess Ill just cut as much of the male flowers off, and deal with it.

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