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  1. Took 20 mg of oxycodone and 40 mg of adderall xr and am noding the fuck out nd feel like im in a bliss of extacy.:hello::smoke:
  2. Not quite a speedball, but have fun with that

  3. i second this. trust me, i know what speedballin is, it's my name.
  4. I went on an opiate T-break so When i took it i had 0 tolerence for it nd i never really messaed mith amps so i have no tolerence for tht 2
  5. I dont really give a shit if im speedballin or not cuz i feel good as fuck. lol

  6. 'thirded.
  7. fourthded
    nah im not feelin really speedbally just noddin out nd talkative as hell
  8. Any combination of uppers/downers is technically a speedball. If you want to get really technical about it, then shooting heroin while you're already on meth, like I did the other day, is most definitely a speedball.


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