speed of growth?

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  1. in the past experience my plants has always takin longer then it needed to veg i use miracle gro as media dnt use nutes and i have flouro lighting 18/6. what do i do to excel speed of growth. one possible reason i think it is might be the temp its between 55º-60º F . may b im wrong.

    any tip?
    note......sprouted one 2 days ago 2nd set of leaves coming out
  2. Change out your soil to something else like fox farm ocean forest get your temps up to around 75. And for the lighting go with cfl's daylight(6500k) for veg and you want 100 watts of light
  3. Anything under around 65deg causes the plants to expend energy dealing with the cold. Keeping lights on longer should also help in theory + more light always helps.
    Once you start from seed too it can help things moving if you use some kind of root feed so I gather. Mate of mine did a trial and reckoned the difference was at least half a week quicker to maturity.

    Ultimately though dude you'll find variance in each seed, some plants/strains go quicker than others, just make sure not to over water and you'll be fine.
  4. If this is at the begging of veg use a humidity dome, will help with holding some heat.
  5. your entire approach
  6. People hate MG here.I dont encourage it,but I've grown in it just fine in my most noob years.

    It's to cold get it atleast above 65 like the Scarem above said.
  7. those temps seem a bit chilly. warmer temps might increase metabolism, and therefore growth rates. i like my canopy 75-82 degrees during the day, dropping about 15 degrees at night.
  8. i dnt want to use a heater since ventallation is a little iffy but is there any way around it like placing an item that gives off a little heat

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