SpedEddy's Homemade/Pieces Thread

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by spededdy, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. I Enjoy Making homemade peices, I have a small collection of pipes, Comment Please
  2. What did you use to make that?
  3. i used a fruit drink bottle for bottom, and a clear tube from craft store
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    NOT MINE, Best friends, left at house for night, its way cleaner than anything i would ever make

  5. hows the drag?
  6. i have those same gigaware speakers...did yours come with a sub?

    nice homemades, by the way!
  7. You made that one one the left?

  8. ya, mine came with a sub, i think its 16watts, pretty decent, thanks
  9. lol, that aint homemade, those just my daily toking tools, will post my bubbler up soon
  10. what do you mean drag?
  11. Think he means "How does it hit?"

    Feel free to correct me as well if i'm wrong haha.
  12. both of them hit very nice, i put ice in the 1 and its soooo great, cool as hell
  13. A sweet new steamroller

  14. comment on what you guys think or suggestions

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