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special k

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. hoping to get some soon... any of you had any experiences with it? help me out i'm tryin to get a clear idea of wat its like...... n i didnt get around to readin erowid's experiences yet.

  2. Ketamine?

    I haven't tried it, not many have round my area, but look on erowid and thegooddrugsguide.com.
  3. special k = ketamine...

    much like e = ecstacy
  4. has anyone else here tried ketamine or ecstacy?
  5. Isnt it like a animal tranqulizer or some shit?

  6. yea it's used for horses.
  7. when you research, dont forget to read the negative experiences as well, just one time my friend and you can be fuuucked.

    any time i am considering a new drug i weigh my decisions heavily on the negative experiences moreso than the good.
  8. Sounds fun, I want some. I could see it now. Me with a bottle of Tranqs at a horse race.

    I would slip some horses a good dose and bet on the normal one. SO much money. I am a smart person guy!
  9. i always heard it was a cat tranq..??

    well anyways ive done it about 50 times in my youth and it can be fun and it can be horrible. Just do little bits at a time and do not drink...i repeat DO NOT DRINK....if you do too much you get in a K-hole whicj is really...really freaky.

    Ive done it twice while drinking and I really thought i was gonna die both times. You get so confused that you dont even know your confused..lol

    from my experience with it it is nothing like X but more like half asleep with your eyes open.

    as a rule i dont do it anymore but with caution it can be a pretty good time.

    Have fun

  10. Yes it is a cat tranquilizer the horse thing is kind of an urban legend.
    And from what I've heard, that's not exactly a good description of a k-hole...it's basically taking so much that you fade into blackness, you basically just stop existing for a while and you can't think or feel or anything. I've never tried it though, so I can't speak about it except from what I've read.
  11. "latter on...me and justus are gonna shot each other up with this...and fuck like stoned test bunnys!!!"
  12. how have i missed this??????

    lil bit of kitty used to be my poison....

    what do you need to know...

    first thing, don't think your a champ and go blow huge lines....
    cause you will freak your self out and think that your dying... but during your almost near out of body expiriance you'll remember that if your breathing...everything is good...

    stick to bumps at first, you'll get a lil drunk feeling, you'll feel like your heads positioned above your body ( up in the clouds:D ) and your legs will feel like sandbags.. you body gets all heavy but your mind is just thinking the most abstract thoughts of your entire life...

    never buy cooked jars, only lics... ( sealed medical jars... containing liquid, that you yourself prepare) there's never telling what someone's put in it... and if you have the chance why not make sure its pure ya know...

    some people who pre-cook it... add some vanilla extract, as it will cook up the same visually....

    preperation: ( if your lazy) put it on a saucer, preferably a dark color one, with one over it ... cook for about 2-3 min depending on microwave, check to make sure it does not burn....

    better way: put on saucer( perferably dark) place in toaster oven set a 350 for about 7-10 min, again, watch it to make sure it doesn't burn.... then place saucer immeditly in the freezer to stop cooking process... scrape all crystaline product off plate and there ya go...

    best way: air dry the shit pon a plate, takes a long time and no one really ever wants to wait though you do get the best yeild from this method.

    i don't recommend doing illegal substances such as Ketamine, as it is illegal..... but i wouldn't want anyone having an accident by not asking any questions.... so if ya need to know anything further send me a pm....

    better to be in the know the be in the hospital.

    p.s. its also the best dis- associative ever.

  13. the horse sedative isn't really an urban ledgend, its just another type that harder to get... usually ketaset in higher volumes as apposed to ketamine, though they use stuff called Ketval now a days... its a ketamine/ valium mix, thats much much more effective.
  14. good advice man
  15. I saw a thing on TV with this chick who was hooked on K. She was snorting lines off the floor and like, just laying there looking really happy...
  16. Fuck that shit dude. That shit just seems straight stupid.

  17. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  18. yea, but so is chugging cough syrup or poppin coricidins, i've been hospitalized twice from it, but i still dont find it stupid. haha

    neway, i aint gettin no k cuz i was supposed to be gettin a shitload of money last week n i didnt, so i'm kinda broke.... but i'll use ur guys advise for future reference if there ever is one


    edit: CORICIDIN IS STUPID. i forgot to say that part, but the safer forms of doin dxm is cool.
  19. Yea K is quite dumb. Although I have never done it myself I have seen it done a million times and I have seen some shitty consequences quite a few times. A good person I know ended up in the hospital from just K alone.

    Gravy's right though. If you are going to do it, which you shouldn't, make sure you get a lic and cook it yourself. Also don't do too much at a time or you will end up in the hospital or worse yet, dead.

    Ketamine works on the body much like PCP; they both antagonize, or reduce, glutamate binding. Glutamate is naturally excitatory neurochemical. When you reduce its binding you will cause inhibitory effects. These inhibitory effects are the tranquilizing responses your body has to the drug. One of the most serious effects of PCP/Ketamine is something known as PCP Psychosis. This usually only occurs with chronic use and tends to mimic certain symptoms of schizophrenia such as aggressiveness and paranoia.

    Stay away from this crap!

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