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Special K. Not Ketamine.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Filth Noir, May 26, 2010.

  1. Just curious if any one has ever tried any. Is it alright? I'm about to get a quarter of it for 35 dollars.

    Is that an alright price?

    And once again.. not ketamine.. it's weed called special k

  2. Wait... Youre buying cereal???

  3. Yea. I heard it's better than weaties in a long slide!!
  4. if it's the special k im thinking of it has a lot of fiber and makes u poop
  5. What a buzz kill :( ha.
  6. If you can get a quarter for $35, it's probably not name brand shit. But hell i'd take a quarter of anything above shwag for $35.
  7. that stuff looks dank to me :smoke:
  8. If your getting a quarter of the real stuff for $35 that kinda hard to believe.
    But 35 for a quarter of anything is a good deal.

    Lmao move over Wheaties the new breakfast of champs... That was pretty funny... I want some K now lol
  9. I know right :rolleyes: I'm pretty excited to get it. Considering, my whole smoking life has been supplied through family members, and mid grade weed. I'm picking this up from a friend, my first actual deal =p
  10. To be honest man, don't listen to the strain name your dealer will pass on to you, unless it's the grower, the strain name probably is just a lie. Judge it by looks and how it smokes than just a name!
  11. it's probably not actually the special k strain. i'd be surprised if it's even dank, considering its only $35 a quarter...but if it is, that'd be an amazing pick up.
  12. I'll let you guys know, getting it in eight hours. Thanks a lot for the input.

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