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    Holy dog shit. Have you seen these commercials for beds? Sleep number, temperpedic, other companies like that. They make it look like having a bed with springs blows dick. I'm pretty sure my bed with its springs is soft and comfortable and I don't need to buy a $1,000 bed.

    Temperpedic bed - you can set a glass of wine on it and jump and it wont fall over. Well guess what I don't set wine on my bed. These beds might be softer than mine, but mine is fine.

    Sleep Number bed - everybody has a sleep number? Who cares about your sleep number, crawl into your bed and sleep.

    Regular Spring bed - cheaper, effective, its a fucking bed!

    What do you guys think of these beds? Do you guys have one of these kinds of beds or a spring bed?
    edit: after writing this... wow the word bed is crazy!
  2. Yeah I have a spring bed, it's pretty darn comfortable.
    Better than having to sleep on a dirt floor like a certain large population of people in the world.

    One thing though,
    Memory Foam pillows are fucking comfortable as shit.
    I don't have one but I want one, your head literally melts into the center of them.
  3. Yeah, my parents have those memory foam pillows and they are insane.
  4. I have to sleep on firm surfaces otherwise my back gets tweaked.

    I'm currently sleeping on the floor and my back feels great every morning. Prior to that I would wake up halfway through the night, feeling like someone took a T-ball bat to the lower half of my spine.
  5. Nah I'm all about Temperpedic beds. They do real justice to my spine. I don't want to wake up with back aches and pains. Springs will do it to you, believe it or not. A day always is easier after a good nights sleep on a great bed.
  6. Is it possibly all in your head :confused: I don't know man I mean I sleep on my spring bed and as long as nobody comes in and pisses on me I feel great when I wake up.
  7. Maybe you're spine is better than mine.

    Between running around all the time doing normal shit and hitting the gym my back needs some good rest. A spinal adjustment is my favorite though. After that you pretty much have to have a good bed so you don't get through out of alignment.
  8. Just last week I ordered a memory foam mattress from overstock, I have been sleeping on spring mattresses for thirty seven years, and can honestly say that I thought I had insomnia, the foam mattress proved me wrong. I have never ever been so comfortable. It was queen size, and cost bout 6 fitty.
  9. Spring mattress? Okay there nancy boy, have fun with your opulent comfort.

    Real men don't need beds.

  10. uhh yeah but that grass looks fluffy. Real men sleep in lava right? :D
  11. Hell, I sleep on a mattress stuffed with broken glass and kidney stones I've passed.
  12. I prefer my hammock to a bed.
  13. all a REAL man needs is some nails for a bed
  14. uhh last time I checked kidney stones in a mattress wouldn't be that bad the glass though idk depends on how finely broken up it is. :hello:
  15. Apparently you've never known the beauty of a tempurpedic, my friend has one and I can only dream of ever owning one.

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