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Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalSpaz, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. Well, Within a month ( very first week of september) I will be shipping off to bootcamp in Texas. Obviously, The military and weed don't mix, and I was forced to make a choice.

    Tonight's my last night blazing. Im picking up between 4-10 grams of some nice blueberrry, and having a nice quiet night with my boy and his girlfriend. I'm gonna miss the ganja, but perhaps Our Roads may cross somewhere later in life.

    I'l still be on the city, so you'll be dealing with me for a couple more weeks :D

    But come september, I'll be gone. So don't worry, I will be out of your hair soon, haha.
  2. Damn bro. I'm sorry you gotta give up the herb, but you seem to be doing it for a good reason. Good luck in your future endeavors man! :wave:
  3. May your adventures in life be exciting and enjoyable.
  4. your a cool dude spaz, id smoke a j with you if i lived in jersey

    good luck in bootcamp
  5. Thanks guys. Well, I'm gonna go take a walk and ponder my life... Gives me an excuse to smoke a newport.
  6. laters homie. i know you cant blaze it out there... you should just buy some spice gold since they won't test for it.
  7. Good luck man. :wave:

    Imagine me saying this again in two weeks.
  8. There comes a time in everyones life where they have to make decisions, and its good that you made the correct one. May the wind be at your back, and the sun upon your face :)
  9. Its been real...its been nice...ah hell its been real nice lol

    Well when ya do take off ya better drop me a PM if you get a chance on a computer
  10. good luck in basic, chair force? just messin. i had to quit for the army myself but it was always around, fuck even in afghanistan. mary will wait for you once your time is up.:smoke:
  11. Atta boy. :hello:

    Take care, and good luck! Hope you stay safe!
  12. Wish you the best of luck man, sucks you gotta take a break from tokin, but you're doin an awesome thing and it's definitely for the best right now. Enjoy the last of your stash, and keep your ass safe bro. Peace :smoke:
  13. I want to go to bootcamp for some reason. Maybe cuz i need to get in shape.

    tell me how it is.
  14. Well, since no one else is going to say it... don't do it! Don't join the Armed Forces, man. No matter your reasons, there are better options. There are plenty of jobs to be found that'll pay better than the Armed Forces. If you really do care about this war and want to kill terrorists, why not join Blackwater and at least get justly compensated for being a pawn in one of the richest industries in the world. If you do not want to fight and are just looking to reap the benefits of being in the Armed Forces, it's not a great time to be a soldier; after Iraq and Afghanistan it's onto Iran and Syria. It's no place to live... it's no place to die.

    But atanyrate, good luck with whatever you choose.
  15. Yeah bro. Report back sometime and tell us how stuff's goin for ya.

    I wont lie. Im gunna miss your crazy thread/stories lol. One that comes to mind is the story of that chick who texted you saying she was gunna OD. So like any good minded person, you called 911 and they found her perfect in her room but she had to have her stomic pumped anyways hahaha

    ahh shit. Good luck, man.
  16. MJ will always be there for you, as well as GC. Stay safe in your travels bro, I wish you luck in your journey.
  17. take care man. nothin but respect man. watch out for our summers, they're hot and fucking humid. be prepared. lol
  18. Bootcamp in texas... Army?
  19. salute buddy
  20. protect the oil fields!!!!! jp man no matter what i think of the war anybody man enough to step up and fight for the country that gives him freedom is a bigger man than me.

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