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  1. After I light my bowl I turn off the lighter and use the metal to smother the burning herb because I toke over the course of a few hours. Is it normal for sparks to appear at the top of burning herb or smothered herb with the metal part of the lighter within 1 cm of it?
  2. If you're using the metal part to tap it out, then there's a good chance flint is falling into your herb. That would make it spark the next time you light it.
  3. Oh ok I guess that explains the sparking when the herb is lit but not for after I tap it out but there could always be a little ember left in there. Should I be worried about flint falling in my bowl?
  4. i personally wouldn't want to smoke magnesium.

  5. Shit gets you sooooo high mang :rolleyes:
  6. Will I still have this problem with a torch lighter?
  7. Just looking for another opinion.

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